How to create an email collector

Setting up your very first autoresponder to collect email addresses can be very confusing. So first let's look over the total process and then break it down into steps.

  • Create an email forward for your Domain email address
  • The process of collection
  • Decide on Lead Magnet and create it
  • Write 3 emails for your follow-up campaign
  • Choose an autoresponder company for your business

Create the email forward for your domain email address

If your website is hosted by Wealthy Affiliate then you need to go into your emails and check that you have set up a way for your domain emails to be sent to your personal email address. The reason is so that anyone receiving an email from your business domain will see that email address and not a personal email address (more businesslike).

The other reason is that most often a personal email address will be sent to spam and never reach your new subscriber.


Click on Websites > Site Manager > Site Email (top right of the page) > New Email Forward > Fill in your first name and domain and email address to forward to.

Your first step is done!

Let's look at the whole process of the collection next.

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DaveBuckley Premium
Hi Lily. Thank you for sharing this training and for providing it in such an easy to read and follow way. I had to check that I had created my email redirects in Site Manager which I had done, so that was a good reminder. Of course Google sheets can also be used as a way to list all your links too. I have agonized over autoresponders and am still not willing to hand over my precious money. I do now have a GrooveFunnels account which includes and autoresponder for free, as well as landing pages, thank you pages, site templates and much more, see link below for my review.
Anyway, I think your training post is great, thank you.
Aussiemuso Premium
You are welcome Dave. I felt I should make it easier for anyone following me as it can really chew up some time. Both Aweber and MailerLite are free to get started thank goodness.
Lily 😁🎶
JKulk1 Premium
Thank you Lily. You have explained the whole process in an easy to understand method..
Up till now I've used MailChimp, but I might just give Aweber a try. Jim
Aussiemuso Premium
Let me know if you need help Jim, that's great news.
Thanks for the feedback too.

Lily 😊🎶
Babou3 Premium
It's a really useful lesson.
Thank you for your help.

Aussiemuso Premium
You are welcome Ingrid.
Glad it helps.
Lily 😁🎶
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Very helpful information. Thank you!
Aussiemuso Premium
You are welcome Diane.
MareliseB Premium
Thank you Lily, practical and useful.
Aussiemuso Premium
I'm a practical girl Marelise. It's taken me weeks to get my head around setting up an email collector and on the way I realised I wasn't alone in my confusion. I was a bit nervous writing my first tutorial today but I know I would have liked to read this when I first started my email journey.

I truly hope it helps others to start their email collecting sooner rather than later.

Warm regards
Lily 😊