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An About Me page is important to have within any niche website. It allows you to connect with your audience and let them know your story and why you are interested in helping them out.

Remember though, an About Me is YOUR page. Don't think there is a "template" to creating a successful one, rather, your way is the right way. Create this page as though you would write the content geared towards a friend of a family member. The goal is to build TRUST with your audience.

In this video I am going to walk you through the process of creating an "About Me" page on your website and how to do so in a way that builds trust with your audience (which ultimately will lead to higher conversions).

Here is the example About Me page that I used in the video:

If you have any questions about your About Me page or want to share it here for feedback, feel free to do so and we will be more than happy to help you out.

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SowAndReap Premium
This video made me look at my about me page and now I decided to add a photo of my son. Thanks Kyle.
Yogie Premium
I was wrong... Thanks Kyle.
mama2karsten Premium
I really appreciate your doing this. Yours is a very comfortable read… feels down to earth and real.

It will help many here, including me as mine is much too formal and stiff.

Now, off to do away with the formality and stiffness of my about me page… Thank You.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, and that is what all the content should feel like within your website. It is all about connecting with your audience and building that trust and this is done through communication style writing.
Marcy Morgan Premium
i think about me page is about me - thus what goes inside should feel comfortable for me. therefore length and context including style of presenting it will slightly differ. marcy
Kyle Premium
That is perfect then Marcy.
I think my about me page is way too involved and it needs to be shortened up. It is more like a trip through my life and thus many of those details can be combined down and much of it removed. My biggest concern is length. Otherwise I will probably keep it pretty much along the lines.

It mentions Wealthy Affiliate. Should I not have this in there? This page should not have any affiliate links in it correct?
Kyle Premium
Yeah, you don't want to offer too much information at the same time, in particular offering information and stories that are totally irrelevant to your niche. You want it to build trust, you don't want it to overwhelm them.

You can definitely mention Wealthy Affiliate and you could tie it into your journey online (if you have a bootcamp website). I would not be dropping affiliate links on your About Me, but you can absolutely send someone to your review page from your About Me page.
Thanks Kyle :) I already went through it and rewrote it. Much shorter now and can still take some improvements.

Originally it did go straight to WA but it also had a link to the review. I will restore the link to the review for a particular text I can convert to an anchor text.

Your example was very helpful.