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Hey Guys, I have created a training video to show you how I create videos for my FB video ads campaign.

Feel free to comment your thoughts and ask any questions.

Creating a video is very simple and all you need is just some templates to edit.

Video is your secret weapon.

Video is a tool you get people to take action to visit your blog post.

That one blog post must do a good job to wow the entire world.

Not some lame 400 words article.

It is not really necessary to spend money on FB Video ads if you are short on a budget now.

But you need a domain and a blog.

You don't necessary need to build a list if you can't afford to buy a lead capture software like ConvertBox and Email Marketing Software like Active Campaign.

You can build a list of members by creating a Facebook Group.

It's free and you can post your best content and video trainings and product reviews over at your Facebook Group.

But first things first, is to get your blog up and running first.

Create a free website usingSite Rubix Platform.

Remember the Rule of Thumb: Don't put affiliate links in your video, in your blog post or on your Facebook page.

Do your selling in your Facebook Group.

Go to Site Domains and grab a domain to setup your blog.

Tips on driving FREE Traffic to your Facebook Video

So now you have created your Facebook Page, Facebook video and your blog post.

The next thing is to get people to watch your video and visit your blog.

Most probably your target audience hangs out in on of the social media platforms.

1. Facebook Groups

2. Quora

3. Reddit

4. Forums

5. YouTube

Because it's FREE Traffic, you need to trade your time, lots of it to get lots of targeted traffic to your Facebook Video.

You need to write intelligent comments to this places and create a strong profile.

You need to first earn your credibility.

But I would always suggest to start with Paid Traffic.

For just $1/day, $30/month for FB Ads Campaigns, the money will be well invested.

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