You will not see the Community icon which looks like this

until you have joined a community. The trouble is you cannot find communities to join until you have the icon. Many people have spent hours trying to work it out but the only way is to use your smartphone or iPad app and to join a group. You can join mine here.

Don’t worry you can join and leave groups so this is not a way to get you in my group but a way of allowing you to get that icon.

Now it does take a short amount of time for the icon to appear in your app once you have joined. It took about 15 minutes for mine to appear once I joined a community which was sent to me in an email from a blog I subscribe too.

Once the icon appears click on it and you will see some communities to join

To create your own click on the plus arrow in the top right corner.

Above you can see that you can now choose a Name, write the description and add a cover image. Always remember that SEO will still be at play so make sure your name and description uses the SEO rules. Just think what are people searching for and also use Jaaxy to confirm your thoughts.

Click create and that is it, your community is created and you can add your first post.

Read the next page to help you use the community to your advantage.

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Fleeky Premium Plus
Very helpful!
Thank you
AlejandraB Premium
Thanks for sharing this information, it will be quite interesting to learn about it. I just joined to your community!
afernald Premium
Very interesting, thanks! I didn't even know about pinterest communities!
Memorylaneuk Premium
This is hot off the press.... they have only just started
JamesJB Premium
Hey, that's pretty cool, Karen...thank you for this.

JamesJB Premium
I've just joined your community :)
Skydancer1 Premium
This is great information. I have been joining groups and posting there. The community idea is fabulous.. The format appears to be just like a group. I created my own group board but have not made it public yet. After this I will change it out for a Community.

Great post. Very helpful

Take Care
Memorylaneuk Premium
The two are very different things. The communities allow for much more two way communication.