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This is a quick video on how to create a page in Worpdress and add it to the menu.

The difference between a page and a post is that pages will not go to your blog roll and they are mainly used for important pages - like your about me page, privacy policy, contact or theme pages for your website.

When you create a page to publish on your website I like to write the page is an Office Program first so there are no mistakes in the text using the spell check etc. I use Word for mine.

To create a page

  • I then go into my Wordpress Dashboard and go to "page" and press "add new".
  • I write the Title of my page in the Title area and I paste my copied text from my word document in the visual area of my draft page.
  • I use the H2 Tags for Headings
  • H3 for subheadings
  • Bold for any featured text
  • I add images by pressing media and either choose from my existing images in the library or press "Upload Files" to find images from my computer.
  • I always give the images a title and an alt text
  • I like to use about 2/3 images per post

Before I publish a page I always press "save draft" first and then press "preview page". Previewing the page allows me to make any changes if I am not happy with the way it looks.

If I am not satisfied I press "edit page" which takes me back to the dashboard where I adjust my changes.

If I am happy I then press, "PUBLISH" which makes my page LIVE.

A page will not be shown on your website unless it is added to the menu.

To create a menu

  • Go to Menu
  • Create menu
  • Name the menu - I call my main menu, menu 1
  • Choose your pages then "add to menu"
  • Choose where you want your menu to appear etc.. Primary, secondary menu
  • Make sure you press save

If you already have an existing menu select the desired menu you want your page to go into and press save. You can create a few menus to go on different area of your website.

If you have any questions please comment below, please excuse the noisy background. I have six kids and the beauty about working from home is that I can do this while my kids are playing around me.

Cheers to your success


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borrellik Premium
I just viewed your video. Thanks, It explains why I did not see my published pages. I need to create menus.

thanks again,

Sbonelo Premium
Thank you for nice training.
rosie40 Premium
you are most welcome
Crazyfrench Premium
My theme content is at this time on a page in my main menu
I'd like this page to stay on at all time like a home page how to do that?
Plus I like the blogs to be directed to the blog tab in my menu not showing on my home page how to do that

My theme frame shows a menu bar on the left and a main pic with text on the front page I want it the same way how to do that?
Tks for your help
rosie40 Premium
Hello,, Crazyfrench.. thanks for your comment.

Firstly if you want a particular page of content as your home page go into your customise settings - and then go to general settings where you can either choose your home page to be your blogroll or a static page- choose the page of content you wish to appear on your home page.

To set up a blog roll, you can set one up using categories and put the category on your menu ,,,, and use tags to separate what the blogs are about. That way it will only show up when you click on that tab in your menu.

also go to setting and choose writing and choose your default category meaning where you want your posts to go for on the blog roll.

There are probably other ways but that is one option.

As for your theme to show those settings with the tab and the picture, that's something you have to research about your theme. Every theme is different on how you set up the homepage so it's hard for me to explain that unless I explore using your current theme.

But alot of that type of stuff is done through your customisation area and the widgets area. So you are best of playing around with it for a while untill to see how it all works.

Hope that helps.

coraldawn Premium
Thankyou very informative,

Once I get a handle on the lingo used I am sure I will cope better, am being very patient and learning heaps as I scroll through the courses offered.

rosie40 Premium
that's great, yes it takes time but good luck
zoeccess Premium
Great training! Thank you!
rosie40 Premium
That's great,,, I'm glad you found it helpful