You can easily create marketing personas so you can identify with your readers / customers.

This will give you some focus for your content writing and you can get a 'virtual' picture of the people who will be relating to your NICHE

Give your personas a name.

You need to bring them to life in your mind, but write all this up on a whiteboard or in a note pad ... somewhere that you can refer to easily when you are writing or contemplating new content for your niche.

Now, it is possible that you might have a number of personas. But generally, you niche will be targeting a specific market.

You can get quite technical about this if you want or else keep it simple (I like keep it simple).

So what you are doing is building a profile of your persona. Think of what age group and gender you are targeting. Build your profile around this.

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Magieken Premium
This is great advice. It is a simple & effectve way to personalize content for the reader. Thanks James
BillandSue Premium
Hi James,
This was helpful. Made me think (ohh no!). I am going to research with Google some more. Thanks again.
MaxDrljic Premium
Very helpful,thanks James :)
Give It A Go Premium
I like this idea James. There are many visual people out there so thinking of it from a specific demographic etc can be great, but putting a picture to the person is going one step further for the visual people. I'm still trying to get my head around the analytics but I certainly will remember what you have written here when I get on top of things there. Ange
JamesBB Premium
I added a small snapshot of google analytics demographic info on age groups. But you can also use site plugin analytics that will provide some more data.
ar20746 Premium Plus
I like your comparison with the real persons like Sarah, Ralph, Jack ... :)
Have a nice day. Joze.