You may have seen some websites that tend to stand out further with a selected group of text that is within a block with a background color.

Example below

GeneratePress Block Editor

Using GeneratePress Block Editor together we will go through some simple steps and you will be able to further enhance your content to mark certain features you want your readers to take note of.

In this tutorial, I will give through 7 steps with examples and screenshots to make it easier to understand and find out what to do and where to find these processes along the way.

An easy way to test this out is to create a new post with some text within the post so you can try this out.

It is easier to test it first rather than working on a post you already have in case something goes the opposite way you wish.

Then once you understand and know what to do you can always go to any posts you have created and make changes there.

Just make sure you don't go crazy and overdo things

Remember simple is best.

Another thing to think about is if you already have a background colour for your website then perhaps you can use that same colour when creating a background for your new block of texts.

That way they can easily blend in with your website appearance as you don't want to do too many bells and whistles.

Always remembers content comes first for the benefit of your readers.

You don't want to overwhelm them with too many fancy colors and add distractions away from your content.

OK so let's get started with step one on the next page.

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SCannella Premium
Thanks for the blog as i wanted to know how to do these different things on my site. What else Id really like to know is how to make charts with checks next to the words instead of the dots or numers. I want to soon get really good with the designing like this.
apache1 Premium Plus
Hi Stephanie,

You are most welcome with the training here.
Great to see your interest in further enhancing your website with these options.
With the other part on charts here are three training for members and Kyle that may help you further. Wishing you well along your online journey

FrankB-1 Premium Plus
Great explanation, Andre! 👍

Enjoy your weekend! 😊
apache1 Premium Plus
Thank you Frank appreciated.
Enjoy your weekend too.
Mattylinc Premium
Thanks heaps for putting this together for us all Andre, very appreciated, as I have wondered about things like this on more than one occasion.

My only question, what if you highlight text in a new post in wordpress and it DOESNT appear with the options box you displayed above? Is there some kinda setting i should've changed or something?

Any feedback heaps appreciated, but thanks again brother, this is super helpful stuff.
apache1 Premium Plus
Hi, Matty thank you.

Instead of doing it the way is shown in the training with a new post you can once you create a new paragraph select the plus sign and you should see the word group.
As shown in the first image below

Once you click group it will create that box outline for you and then you can type or copy and paste your text.

Once done you can then go to the right side of the block editor and then do what background or colours you wish to use as normal.

If you can't see group when you click the plus sign in the search box above that same section type in a forward slash then group

This will be the quickest way to find group rather than looking down the left-hand side for that name.

As shown in the second image below

Once found the same deal click group a new outline will appear and then type or copy and paste your selected text and then go to the right side to do the background and colours you wish to use.

Hope that helps

Mattylinc Premium
Awesome, thanks heaps Andre, very appreciated.

Once I'm done with work tomorrow, I'll have a better look at your guide above so i can implement some of these handy features etc

Thanks again brother, hope you're doing ok these days in your part of oz!
apache1 Premium Plus
You are very welcome Matty
Enjoy the training when you get the chance and wishing you a great week ahead.

TheAbie Premium Plus
Great resource. I like the two bits of lesson 1, I'd aim to keep it discreet, relevant, and straightforward, and the aim is to always write to humans. Content is KING.

Great job, Andre!
apache1 Premium Plus
Thanks Abie appreciated.

I don't use the second part only thought about it when I started to create the training but guess it can be useful for some to highlight more important aspects within that same block.
Zoopie Premium
Great stuff Andre.
There is something else In block editor I’ve been using too. However it may be this…just seems a bit different..Ali I look later..
apache1 Premium Plus
Thanks Stephen there is so much more available that I haven't even checked out all that is available.