Writing Your Best Of Posts

You have your niche. You found some awesome keywords. You even found a bunch of quality products to link to.

Now it's time to write.

Here are the rules for writing a best of post:

1) You must write at least 3,000 words per 10 products. My last website (I was still inexperienced) I wrote about 1200 -1500 words per 10 products and got hit with the Google Fred update in March. This update penalized websites that aggressively monetized and having so few words and so many affiliate links fit that description. Over night my posts went from page to 1 to page 5 and I went from $2500 a month to $200 a month. Ouch. Now I write 3000 word, 4000 word, 5000 word and up to 7000 word posts and make double what I did before.

2) Write in a breezy, conversational tone. Use the word "you" a lot. "This slow cooker is a product that I know you'll love. It's packed to the brim with a bunch of great features and is high quality. You'll really appreciate what this slow cooker can do for you if decide on it."

3) When you mention a feature or benefit make sure to also add how that feature will help the person. Don't just say a slow cooker has easy to carry handles. Say "this slow cooker has easy to use handles. Because of this you'll be able to carry this product around without spilling or burning yourself which is the last thing you want."

4) Add a short buying guide before you get into the products (500 to 800 words). Just quickly go over the top 3 things to consider when choosing a slow cooker (Google how to choose a slow cooker for ideas).

5) Add a link to the product on Amazon after each description. You can just put "take a closer look at so and so slow cooker" and link that or you can go here: https://dabuttonfactory.com/ and make a call to action button. When you add the button to your post just put the link in then.

So here's how it would look for "Best slow cookers 2018"

Short intro (100 to 200 words).

How To Choose A Slow Cooker (500 to 600 words). In this section you can add a youtube too. So find the top 3 things to consider when making the selection and then add a video at the beginning or end. You don't want this section too long but just enough to give the reader enough information to make a purchase.

Next you write the description of each product. Here's what I would write about this crock pot: https://www.amazon.com/Crock-P...

"If you're in the market for an affordable slow cooker that can serve a lot of people, this is one that you must consider. The reason I say this is because this product is 6 quarts and that means you'll be able to serve up to 7 people at a time. Plus, it won't cost an arm and a leg.

One of my favorite features of this slow cooker is it comes with a digital timer. You won't have to worry if you're over cooking or under cooking your food because of this. The timer goes all the way up to 20 hours too!

If that's not enough you'll also like that it comes with:

  • Very large carry handles prevents the food from getting out all over you. You won't have to worry about getting burned either.
  • Once cook time is completed this product switches to warm. This ensures that you won't overcook the meal if your attention accidentally slips.
  • The locking lid is extremely reliable and easy to use. This is another feature that keeps the food inside and not on your floors.
  • This product is microwavable without the lid too. This is just another reason this crock pot is so convenient and a must have.

As you can see there's a lot to love here. In fact, there's thousands of reviews on Amazon about this product and almost all are overwhelmingly positive. If you want to see what other customers are saying about this product, click below:

"Link to product"

And it's as simple as that. As you get more practice with this you'll be able to write these in your sleep. That description was 250 words. If you have 15 slow cookers that brings you to 3750 words. Add the intro (150 words), the short buyers guide (600 words) and the conclusion (150 words) and you get 4650 words. That is more than enough to get you on page 1 for Best Slow Cookers 2018 and to avoid penalties in the future.

Here are various best of lists that should look at. They all follow this basic guideline and are on page one for their keywords:






There's thousands of these types of posts too. I've done an in depth research on 20 different successful niche websites and they all follow this basic outline. Here's some link to those posts: https://my.wealthyaffiliate.co...



You DON'T want the year in the URL of your post, only the title. So you can title it "Best Slow Cookers 2018" but edit the url to just "best slow cookers." The reason for this is when 2019 comes around you can just change the title to 2019 and not have to redo the entire thing. You'll want to update your list with a few products when it turns to 2019 but that's all you'll have to do besides updating the title.

In the next section we're going to be looking at "on page seo" which are little tips to ensure you rank the highest possible.

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Viveksehgal Premium
Please help on this also.
While analyzing competition for best of keyword what is most important. Is it Domain Authority or content length or relevance of ranking websites on SERP. If all the website ranking for a best of keyword in my chosen niche are high authority can we still try and beat them with longer post?
dylanrieger Premium
Definitely try and beat them!
CraigKnight Premium
This has my mind running a million mph. Thank for sharing your workflow and experience. While reading your training, out of the blue a niche popped into my head and I did the Google alphabet method and came up with 66 topics that would "Best Of" nicely. So I checked Jaaxy for keywords and there are a ton of searches with very little competition.

So I bought a domain.

Thanks for everything.
dylanrieger Premium
no problem! Keep me updated on your progress!
CraigKnight Premium
Ok Dylan....thanks for everything.

1) I am ready to roll. I have my basic site set up and ready to start.
2) I am signed up with Amazon Associates. 80ish % will be Amazon products.
3) I was approved for the other two affiliate programs that I needed. Bad news is 20ish % can only be purchased through these two affiliates. Good news is they are higher commission than Amazon.
4) On-Line SEO Checklist Printed out from Backlinko so I don't miss anything.

Three questions if I may:

1) 300-400 minimum words per item on page plus intro and conclusion will keep me from being dinged by Google?
2) I get the internal links and why, but I am confused about adding external links (to whom and why would I do that). It seems that would send them off my page (even if opens new window) or distract them from buying right then if I sent them for some reason to another site. Could you elaborate on this please.
3) I understand with a new site, nobody will be reading these for a while..do I keep a constant check on the product links to make sure they are still active? I assume dead links to products would be terrible.

Thanks for everything. I sincerely appreciate it.

dylanrieger Premium
1) I'd go 250 to 400 words per product as long as you have a short 500 word buying guide and intro and conclusion. You might want to mix in non affiliate content every once in a while too. Maybe 25% of your content is non affiliate.

2) Link how to well known like wikipedia. It's good for SEO. I don't have an exact answer for why but everyone I respect in the SEO industry says do it so you should just do it.

3) Maybe once a month check no the links or when a post starts getting traffic check on them.
CraigKnight Premium
Gotcha. Thank you, Sir.
dylanrieger Premium
You'te welcome
steviec92 Premium
Love your strategy, I’ve been following your posts for quite some time now and will definitely implement this. The question I have is this:

Does it have to be amazon products or could it be other affiliate links? If I want to have a travel blog for example could I do ‘best places to visit in Berlin 2018’ but, instead of products, have links to things like booking.com and Airbnb??

It’s more of a hiking/travel blog but I’d also like to do place reviews (as well as hiking gear).

Thanks! Stephen.
dylanrieger Premium
That'll work!
skmorrow Premium
Regarding the URL. Does it matter that the URL keyword has a significantly different QSR than the full keyword in the title? For instance "Best slow cookers 2017" has a QSR of 11 and "Best slow cookers" has a QSR of 200. So when you shorten the URL and change the keyword, the QSR changes pretty significantly.

Also what if there is no traffic for a keyword with the year? For instance "Best Recliners" vs "Best Recliners 2018". No traffic for "Best Recliners 2018" but decent amount for "Best Recliners". Is it okay to just add 2018 to the title? Permalink would still be shortened.
dylanrieger Premium
You'll still rank for best slow cookers 2018 if you get rid of the year in the url. And don't look for keywords with 2018 yet. Check with 2017. If it gets traffic in 2017 it'll get traffic in 2018. Best recliners 2017 gets plenty of traffic.

Try not to overthink this too much.
skmorrow Premium
Thanks, that sounds good.
dylanrieger Premium
No problem
Rabrx Premium
Hi Dylan, I'm back here to tell you that your strategy really worked! It takes time but I have seen results in a week after publishing my post. That was possible because my site was around for 2 months but nonetheless, it still worked! Thank you once again for sharing :) i hope you reach 10k/mth soon!
dylanrieger Premium
Thanks! And wait until your website hits the 6th month mark and more - that's when the real results. Just keep writing.
MsMerry Premium
Thank you for sharing. It makes it that much more real for all of us and congrats too!!
dylanrieger Premium
No problem!