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I am using the WP Theme "Twenty-Thirteen" and chose in the beginning when I started out here at Wealthy Affiliate to use "Page" only for my articles.

At the time it seemed to be a good idea and I also liked the layout I had created.

Now, with the New Year came a new idea, a new interest of changing things around without changing to much for the visitor.

I decided to make a few pages into posts, but first was unsure if this is such a good idea and if it is even possible without messing everything up in Google Ranking etc.

It turned out this is not the case and I can change things if I wanted to.

The "Post Type Switcher" is a good and easy to use plugin to do just that.

So, if you think you need to switch your pages, or posts for that matter, and yes you can do it both ways, than this plugin can help you with that.

I show you in this video "live" in how it is done.

I hope you like it and if so, please click the green button below!

Thanks for watching!

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judebanks Premium Plus
Sylvia, it's good to have this training to refer others when the question comes up. I use this plugin and it works well. Thanks. ~Jude
kiliwia62 Premium
Thank you Jude, appreciated. :)
TheAnswerGal Premium
Thank you Sylvia!

kiliwia62 Premium
You are welcome Linda. :)
ormbear Premium
Marvelous as usual. Love you Sylvia.
kiliwia62 Premium
OOH, I am blushing now. Thank you! :)
VincentA Premium
You are awesome. Thank you Sylvia
kiliwia62 Premium
Glad I could help. Thank you Vincent. :)
mijareze Premium
Good resource for people who need to make the switch.
kiliwia62 Premium
This is why we help each other, thank you. :)