Hi there,

I have seen some people struggling to get in touch with the Site Support Team.

Just now, a member was frustrated by an issue and said the Site Support ticketing didn't work. What actually happened is that she couldn't get through because she didn't know how...

I know it can get really frustrated when you are facing problems and you just don't seem to find a solution.

That's why I decided to create this easy to follow '4-steps training' to help anyone in need to get in touch with our fabulous Support team!

Also because they recently helped me out with an issue and I wanted to thank them for the quick fix of it :)

You can contact Support for any problem or issue related to your website!

  • If you're website is down
  • If you are facing an issue with plugins
  • If your problem is theme related
  • Speed issues on your website
  • Login ( password, credentials,...)
  • Other issues related to your website and your website only! *
* For any question related to the WA platform you can use the activity dashboard or live chat

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
A very helpful tutorial, for folks wishing to contact support.
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks, Alexander :)
MyraBeth Premium
I know how to ask for help in the WA community but didn't know how to ask for help in regards to my website. Thanks so much for this valuable and helpful training.
AngelBcn Premium
Thanks, MyraBeth. I am happy you find it useful :)
janmar Premium
Thank you for this training. I did not know the steps.
AngelBcn Premium
You are welcome :)
Loes Premium
I will refer to your training when I sent people through to WA support:)
AngelBcn Premium
Great! Thanks Loes :)
stevecox Premium
Terrific help even for those who have been around but "can't remember how to get there".

Thanks Angélique

All the best, Steve
AngelBcn Premium
Thank you, Steve!
I am glad it's been helpful to you :)