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Welcome to part 3a of my website training.

In this part you will learn how to install the basic plugins in your website and what each one does.

You can see my previous part by clicking here.

The extra thing you need to know is how to setup akismet. I have included a link to that training here.

Hope this helps you everyone and if you need anything or just have a general question then please let me know.

Cheers everyone.


p.s I will try and do the next bit a little quicker so you do not have so long to wait :)

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andygiffy Premium
thats ok. I had some trouble with this one. I had to cut the original video into a few bits. I probably pop the next one on tonight / tomorrow
floridajf Premium
Another awesome video Andy, please keep making these wonderful tutorials, they are a really great reference for beginners. Thank you for taking the time to help others :D