How to Boost Your Conversions & Sales
1 hour Live Video Training
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SEP 2013
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Are you experiencing awesome traffic but no conversions?

Is no one taking action and buying any products from your affiliate links?

Welcome to the world of conversions! Conversion are actions or 'end results' from your traffic that you anticipate and without proper education and guidance, they can become a horrific nightmare.

Join Jay (magistudios) this Friday September 6th at 5PM Pacific, where he will dive into conversions and teach you how to fix a low conversion rate.

It is important to understand how to attain conversions and sales from the ground up. If you know why people are not taking action - you can then take action yourself and fix the issues!

Webinar Benefits & Learning Outcomes
Factors that affect conversions
Determining why people are not taking action
Do you have a conversion funnel?
A list of trigger words that traffic responds to
Conversions & Sales Checklist
Live Q & A
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PCRoger rated this Webinar 10/10
Jay did a great job of laying out the basics of what it takes to get your website visitors to connect with you, trust you, and follow your advice to a sale (and a commission for you!).

Newbies get every little detail explained without boring the experts who just want a few tips to squeeze more money out of their efforts.

Well worth 75 minutes of your time.
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