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Using Amazon images in the right way is absolutely essential. If you use Amazon images in the wrong way you are at risk of losing your Amazon Affiliate account.

You cannot simply download any image you like and add it to your website. This video will show you how to use Amazon Affiliate images the right way.

If you have any questions please leave a comment :)

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RCollis Premium
As usual Lynne, your training came through exactly when ineeded it.

Thank you.

Dinh Premium
Thanks Lynne!
gilliank Premium
Thanks again Lynne, I am in violation!!!
LynneHuy Premium
I am so happy to help Gillian :) There are so many little things. I made the same mistakes.
DebbieSt Premium
That was great Lynne, and so easy when you know how. Thanks for the training, now I just need to apply to my website.
survivalwolf Premium
- My first 'How To" video,.....It was Informative, and amazing!, I want to do stuff like that to my website,....Thanks WB!!!!