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Added Apr 12, 2014
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In order to monetize your website through affiliate programs, you are going to need to understand how to properly add affiliate links.

In this video I am going to walk you through the process of adding affiliate links (in my example, Amazon links) to both textual content and image based content. The process is very simple once you understand it and after going through this video, you are going to have a sound understanding of the affiliate link creation process.

If you do have any questions or comments about affiliate links, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to give you a hand.

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WLG Premium
Hello Kyle,

Thank you for the training,it is exactly what I wanted and needed,as I previously explained to you.I wanted to redirect my signin page to the domain I purchased for this purpose.Well The training explained exactly what I needed to do.

If I had not gotten in a hurry I would have learned this from the training.I will from this moment on do things in the correct order they are supposed to be done.I now have my custom home page link redirected to my domain

Thank you so very,very,much for your help and patience.I am so very glad that Tom introduced me to Wealthy Affiliate.I have found the the vehicle that will give me the opportunity that is my life long dream.To help as many people as I can change not only their lives but the lives of their love ones as well.

To God Give The Glory;
Praise His Holy Name;
Hallelujah and A Men
Your Brother In Christ;
Have A Blessed And Safe WeekEnd;
Rhiannashani Premium
Hello everyone, in the video it says don't add affiliate links to all your pages but I have a problem. Here's my link I have multiple products on one page and I have other pages like this as well... How am I supposed to go about this? I don't want to add a new page for every product because that would be so many pages so I don't know what to do.
AngelaHall Premium
In that instance you will be fine. He's just saying that it's a good idea to have some informational articles on your site. And instead of having an affiliate link on that article you can link to another page on your site. Internal links are very good.
Rhiannashani Premium
Okay thank you!! :)
AngelaHall Premium
My pleasure :)
CFoley Premium
Thanks for another brilliant session, Kyle- I can see now that putting affiliate links onto my site is quite easy.
Just wondering about what you said about not including links on every page- please could you give an indication of how many might be good? I'd hate to damage my standing with Google.
Thanks, Christine
Kyle Premium
Not including affiliate links on every page, yes. This will make your website look like one huge promotion in Google's eyes and I don't really recommend doing that.

Instead, you should centralize your affiliate links within your product reviews.

Content page => Review page (with affiliate links) => Merchant offer (where you make money).
dasger Premium
Hi everybody. If you get a chance could you check out my blog to see if I did it right. I do havea question though. I did not get the option to open in a new page though after I posted the blog and the affiliate link. Myscreen did not look like the video. Thanks in advance and beset of luck.
JohnV Premium
Please leave the link so we can check your site.
TwistedMetal Premium
Hi Kyle! I understand I must get an amazon affiliate account and get "approved" before I can add a link correct? How do I get approved? My site is where I will be giving information on where to buy car parts, how to videos and links for that, links to Monster Energy, Nitro Circus tour dates, a link to kawasaki dirtbikes etc.