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This is not a rule of how to use keywords you find that don't have correct grammar, but it is how I personally deal with the situation. Some people may offer conflicting advice! However, this question comes up a lot, so I wanted to share my though process on why I change them, and how I go about doing it.

Feel free to offer your own opinions and experiences in the comments below.

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DesShinnick Premium
This has been really helpful for me.Thanks.
Deadly Premium
Hi Nathaniell,

I love when your short training videos show up in my mailbox. I watch every one of them and you always hit the nail on the head. I always get something out of them.

You've been with WA since June 2010 and have been able to build a nice business for yourself in less then 4 years so it's easy to trust what you're teaching.

I don't understand people that think they're going to be able to do it in 3 or 4 months and give up after investing that amount of time because it's not happening fast enough for them.

You're a great asset to the WA community. Many times when a question comes up I'll grab a URL from one of your training videos and send someone to it for a clear understanding to the answer.

Thanks for giving back. You're really appreciated in the community.

nathaniell Premium Plus
Glad you enjoy them man. There's more coming!
gadifi Premium
thanks for the nice informative video
jasontw111 Premium
Cheers Nathaniell, I always wondered about that as I noticed key phrases QSR changes dramatically when you add pre words like of it for, also if you add apostrophes make dramatic changes also. I put in st patricks day and when I put in st patrick's day the qsr went up around 100 more,
TheCatherine Premium Plus
What I would love to knpow is how you got the video on here. I tried earlier and couldn't
nathaniell Premium Plus
Magic! Check your video length. 100MB is the limit I think, so once you start getting past 10min of hq video it won't upload. I cut the dimensions by 1/2 and video quality.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Magic, it was only 4 minutes so thought it would be no problem.
P.S Sensible ideas on changing keywords.
welshy Premium
Last time I uploaded video, I had to trim it down to under 10 minutes for it to work.
File format was mp4