I just want to share a few thoughts on mindset, attitude and prospective.

Obviously, success in anything requires a certain mindset. Sometimes as a member of the community here at Wealthy Affiliate I tend to forget for a few moments what my mindset was when I first found WA.

Daily, I see new members in chat and I think to myself, "man someone needs to shake some sense into this person". I could easily get frustrated if I did not reflect on where I started years ago.

If you have been around this platform for while you can attest to the number of times you have told a new member to go to the GREEN button.

Once you go to the GREEN button... and pay heed to what Kyle teaches, you will begin to understand more of what it takes to succeed. There are no smoke and mirrors here at WA.

The thing is, I think, the majority of people that begin to look at online opportunities as a alternative are doing it out of desperation. They are already hurting, already stretched thin, already in a bind financially.

Unfortunately, for those people, many online opportunities are marketed in a way that is giving them false hope or is misleading them. People come with a desperation to fix a bad situatiuon, unfortunately that is not the mindset needed to begin to resolve their issues.

The desperation can be hard to clear from their field of vision...

Making it a real challenge to get them started on the right path or even get them to stick with it.

Come with me to next page for some insight on what it takes to succeed, as that relates to mindset...

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SylvesterH Premium
I support everything this man says
SteveOlan Premium
BobnPeggySue Premium
Yes agreed this is not a get rich quick scheme nothing about WA ever suggests that will happen. You have to be willing to commit for the long haul. That is to give it a year. That means you have to have the financial resources to make that commitment. Either way pay the $19 and get about 5 weeks of amazing training, support and tools that you can use the rest of your business life. No secrets here, it takes hard work, dedication, and passion, to succeed. Keep the negative people out of you life put your head down and kick some butt.
SteveOlan Premium
Thanks for your support Bob. I really appreciate it.
LRenee Premium
Wonderful post. My job is to work with entrepreneurs, and it's not uncommon to get folks who walk into my center out of desperation. They have lost their job, got fed up and quit, or whatever. All they know is they need money, and they need it fast! Unfortunately, creating a business isn't about a quick buck... and this is a type of business.

It takes time, dedication, and often times slow returns. Very seldom do I get a desperate client who's ends up running a successful business. My strongest clients are typically the ones who are already financially secure in one way or another. They may be employed and starting their business on the side, already doing something similar and decided to branch out on their own, have had a successful business in the past and are ready to start a new one, etc. But the ones who come in saying they have no job, no money, and are looking for me to find them money to start a business often don't get off go.

Your website business is an investment of time and money. It's not a quick fix to all your financial troubles.

Well said!
bmontes Premium
Very True. Hang in there and make it happen. It will happen. Getting my head in the game now. Thanks.
SteveOlan Premium
Thanks for reading, I am grateful! Pass it along to those that you think may benefit.
Chris2005 Premium
The $20 for the first month will get you a great deal on knowledge if you apply yourself. The online business is self motivated, if you cannot motivate your self to do a good portion of the training in the first 5 weeks and apply it, you will take a good little bit of time to make this work. The more you apply the faster it happens.
SteveOlan Premium
I really appreciate you stopping by and would appreciate if you share with new members that you feel need to read.