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Especially with a new site, but sometimes even with an old site, it can take days to get posts indexed in Google's search engine. Though everything will eventually get indexed with time and good internal linking, it's also possible to tell Google that you've got a new URL they need to index.

In this training you'll see a new URL get indexed in less than 2 minutes! I checked after the video done, and I was also ranking on page 2 after Google fetched it, so if you have a decent site, you could see rankings appear almost instantly.

This is not something I use often because it's not always necessary, but occasionally it can speed things up for those of us that are impatient :)

Let me know if you have any questions. Here's a training from Welshy on how to Add and Verify a Domain in Webmaster Tools.

Google Webmaster Tools:
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bothewebguy Premium
for the siterubix sites that do not have ftp access, I added this training recently
Naq Premium
Hey, thanks for that video! Really cool to see it indexed in 2 mins!! I'l be looking out for more of your vids. Thanks again
Dictar Premium
I Really appreciate this. Thanks
maryson Premium
Since I have no knowledge on Webmaster Tools and Domains, I have no ideas about this article. By the way,thanks for posting this video and article.

johnny12395 Premium
Nice!! It helps me to be indexed!!!