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Welcome to part 2! In this video I'll dig a bit more into HOW I'm going to link these post ideas together to drive traffic to my money pages. Hopefully this shows you a bit more of the "big picture" of why we are creating this content and how it relates to making money from your website.

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feigner Premium
so with your monetising posts you can go for a lot higher competition keywords - or as you say don't even look at the competition level and support that post with the other low hanging fruit posts.
Is this called siloing? or is that something different?
Thanks for the training Nathaniell
gregarn1 Premium
Thanks for another tutorial video Nathaniell

GLCarr Premium
Fantastic way to create ideas - thanks so much for taking the time to put together a couple videos.

take care
Deebizness Premium
Thanks Nathaniel
phary63 Premium
Thank yo for sharing, Nathaniell.
keesitt Premium
This is awesome! Thanks Nathaniell!
Katt3121 Premium
Thank you Nathaniell. I've been stuck for a couple of days. Not really pleased with my progress so far. This video really helps!
FHagstrom Premium
Nathaniel, I became aware of this post just at a time when I needed to hear this, thank you
JosMgatua Premium
Thanks just read my mind...I was abit stuck on this and now I am left wondering...what do I do with all these ideas?
justbobw Premium
Lots of great ideas. Thanks again.
JAZZmom41 Premium
I will be checking this out.
MarineMom Premium
This has been refreshing for me to check out today. Needed a bit of motivation. Thanks!
JewelCarol Premium
Thank you very much Nathaniell for a wonderful training. :)
I am using the free Jaaxy and I am loving it. :)
garyyoungest Premium
Keyword research/article writing is always a stumbling block for people. The easy-to-do method(s) you show are the simplest way to get past the block and start creating some content. Thanks for your efforts Nathaniell
None of this is new to me, but has been a great refresher course for me. Very well done, as always.

Sometimes I, even though I've been around for some time now, forget the basics and let outside circumstances get in the way, which they have over the last 10 months or so.

One of these basics is the brainstorming sessions. One of these, like you have demonstrated, would set me up with a publishing schedule for months to come.

I particularly like the funnel system, and perhaps don't have enough of these in my campaign. As it stands now, all roads lead to Rome (aka: I have a single page with an affiliate link to which all other pages and posts in the entire website goes to.)

I began making income from WA almost two years ago. In spite of the stoppage over the last 10 months, this income has continued to this day, though it has dropped off some.

One of my top goals for this year is to get back into this and have that publishing schedule set up before I I have to take on full-time employment.

This way I will have the ideas already in place and know what I'm going to write about. With diminished time at hand, this will become extremely important!

I watched these videos because I knew it would be beneficial to me, but, after almost a year without Internet access in my home and unsettled, these are now pretty much restored.

With Wealthy Affiliate for 2015, my goal is to minimize the time I will need to spend in that employment by allocating time centered around a publishing schedule.

I should be getting full-time income from this by now, and it's time for sustained effort, now that I've purposefully-gotten rid of a lot of stuff that has been hindering previous efforts.
emerald860 Premium
Hi Nathaniell! Thank you so much for sharing your KW strategy methods. I found the videos very useful and look forward to more. Alanna
EFors Premium
Thank you for the training, another bookmark!
Adeng Premium
Brilliant training again Nate! Thank you for your time:)
keye Premium
Great one, thanks Nathaniell :)
Eriksen Premium
Thanks once more Nathaniell !
Claud Premium
Extremely interesting and useful information. Many thanks, as always, Nathaniell.
LookingUp Premium
Great training. Thanks for sharing more of your knowledge!
Christabelle Premium
Thank for sharing this continuing demonstration! Christa :)