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If you are getting the "increase in not found errors" warning in Webmaster Tools, here's how you can fix it. Just remember, ignoring 404's is only OK if you know the pages are gone and don't want Google to keep looking for them. If you WANT Google to find those pages, you need to look into why they are returning 404's. If 404's are causing you trouble, see the training I made about permalink related issues.

Note: 404's do not affect your SEO unless you are actively sending people to non-existent pages:

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AllynBeekman Premium
Thank you for making this clear, Nathaniell. I've generally ignored them, as you stated, when I knew the page was gone anyway, but I was never completely sure that was the right thing to do.
cschlup54 Premium
I have a google account, so I wanted to add my google to my url(cobolfordummies); do I add the code google-site-verification: google890f80dfc8dddc23.html to the text of post, page or where do I upload it to?
jvranjes Premium
Not sure what you are asking. If you speak about Google+, the procedure is described in detail in Certification courses, you will find it easily, those are lessons on social media.

If it is about Google Adsense, you will put the code into sidebar text widget. This is simple procedure, just copy the code and paste it there.
If it is about Google analytics and Webmaster, just follow instructions in Certification courses, this is clearly described.
cschlup54 Premium
jvranjes, I think I got a step ahead of myself. If I would have waited for next lesson I would had figured it out. Thanks again.
Loes Premium
Thanks Nathaniëll, you know, I have a special training section in my excell spreadsheet for you:)
Dfishell Premium
I used the Webmaster tools to de-index articles that I removed from an old blog and wanted to post on my new site. I was told to de-index them before I re-post or they are considered plagriarized and won't rank. I love your trainings - Thanks!
jacs Premium
Yeah, I got a couple on my links, I deleted mine and sorted out a new...