You need to celebrate your success.

I'll say that again.

You need to celebrate your success.

Take time and evaluate what you've accomplished with your business and in your life. Whether you crossed off a menial task on your todo list or achieved a big goal you set, you really need to celebrate the fact that you're moving forward.

I've had a few conversations with some new Wealthy Affiliate members that went a little something like this:


WA Member: You know Steve, I'm thinking of throwing in the towel. My websites are getting traffic, and my articles are getting views, but I'm not making money yet. I don't think I've accomplished anything here.
Steve: Well, let's start at the beginning. When did you join? What is your niche/website?
WA Member: Last month and I've built two websites already.
Steve: And what did you know about Internet Marketing before you joined.
WA Member: Well, nothing really.
Steve: And what did you know about niches or creating websites.
WA Member: Well, nothing there either.
Steve: So in 30 days you went from knowing nothing about IM to researching and picking out a niche, building an entire website around that niche, writing dozens of articles for it, and you even have people visiting your site, but you don't think you've accomplished anything?
WA Member: Well, when you put it that way...


It may not feel like you've accomplished anything because you never took the time to evaluate your accomplishments and celebrate what you've been able to do since joining.

Look, I get it. We're all here to make money online. The point of this conversation is to show you that even though you may not be making money YET, you have likely already accomplished more than you could have imagined before you joined. It may not be a monetary accomplishment, but it's still 100% worthy of celebrating.You're moving forward and the monetary accomplishments are sure to follow.

Cross of an item on your task list. Reward yourself. It's that easy.

I take breaks between each task. I'll give my mind some time to refocus, cool down, and get ready for the next task. A few rewards here and there make the day go by much smoother.

Here are a few sample ways I take breaks after completing tasks:
- Browse Facebook or reddit for a few minutes
- Call someone on the phone and take a few minutes to catch up
- Food rewards. Ice cream works best!
- A quick trip to Starbucks (If I'm feeling particularly unproductive that day, I'll move my work to Starbucks. The change of environment usually helps break that spell)
- A chapter or two on whichever book I'm reading
- A few minutes of mindless flash games

The point is to take a break, give your mind a minute to refocus, and avoid burning out for the day.

I've made a point to really go out and celebrate every time I cross something off of my yearly goal list. I particularly like to follow this formula: the bigger the accomplishment, the better the reward.

Smaller goals will usually get a nice date night out with my fiancee, or maybe even a small item off of my Amazon wishlist. The bigger goals will yield bigger rewards though. If I manage to complete a particularly ambitious goal, I'll go one step higher. My favorite reward was an impromptu trip after a particularly successful day. I accomplished a goal that I feared I'd NEVER get accomplished. So to celebrate, I booked a trip out of town for the weekend.

A few of my rewards for bigger goals this year include: a new Canon camera I've had my eye on for some time, throwing a get together with all my friends, and possibly another weekend getaway.

These rewards give me that extra push to keep going.

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mcman187 Premium
This is totally awesome Steve, I love what I am doing but sometimes I just get stuck and don't know what to do. This post has gave me the motivation to keep going forward. I will try and get a goal list together and share it with everyone. I always enjoy reading all your posts.
smokeywins Premium
This may have just been the push I needed to start writing more of my tasks down. For some reason I've kept personal, and business stuff in 2 separate areas, yet I am only one person who can only do so many things at once and will be following this up with a goals blog post of my own soon.
AndreDaniel Premium
This is a great read Steve. Thank you. You reminded me of a post I made a long time ago where I did just this - challenge myself to complete a task and report on. What I will do is find it, bump it up and update my 2012 goals. I created it back in 09/10 if I recall but you have motivated me hold myself accountable once again within WA. I often take notes about what needs to be done and I agree it's a great way to complete tasks, especially if you're a scatter :)
ToddT182 Premium
oh this is awesome!, I'm in. I accept your challenge sir!.
IveTriedThat Premium
And I look forward to seeing what you come up with!
LexiThomas Premium
I use sticky notes every day for daily tasks!
IveTriedThat Premium
Same here! I have a giant stack always at the ready.