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How to make a link:

Addition: When you grab your link, make sure to grab the http link after the "a href" part. There may be other links that start with http. Sometimes you'll see a link after IMG. That's not your affiliate link. That's a link to an image.

If you are not seeing any links and are just seeing "iframe" then you're probably looking at the wrong code and need to find something that says "text link" or similar in order to get the right thing you're looking for.

If you're dealing with Amazon, do your best to active "Stripe". It'll make everything a lot easier:

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ZEGU Premium
Thank you, found it really useful and an easy guide.
jed2017 Premium
I'm trying to capture a link for a pinterest image, and it's not working....arrrrggghhhhh. What am I doing wrong?
gcd Premium
hi, Judy, what link are you using and what are you doing?
jed2017 Premium
Rakuten offers a text/email link that I was trying to put in the URL spot on Pinterest, but it kept telling me that something was wrong with the URL.

It would be simpler to add the URL (if I can get a good working link) but I might have to do a review on my website and use the link that way.
gcd Premium
ok. If you like you can send me the link in a pm and I'll take a look to see if I can work it out for you.
roamy Premium
Wow, this is really helpful, I just joind the program and I have never experienced such long links and the whole thing was confusing.Really appreciate this
PatSID Premium
Thanks so much! Whew, this is a big help to me as I just started with Rakuten and couldn't get the links to work! You're a lifesaver.
siamjerry Premium
Thanks Nathan. Regarding Rakuten I always did take the whole text provided and tested it. Does that mean I could never get the commission?
TerriD1 Premium
Thanks so much. Great information. Will be saving this.
Toshmack Premium
Thanks for sharing great information :)
johnwnewman Premium
Thanks Nathaniell :-)
startouched Premium
Thanks for sharing! I love shareasale!
theresroth Premium
Thanks, Nathaniell!
Especially for the heads-up about those prefixes☺