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If you've been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for more than a few days, you should know that QSR stands for "Quoted Search Results" and it should be part of your keyword research strategy.

The Wealthy Affiliate keyword tool and Jaaxy both have a built in QSR feature, the Jaaxy one is more user friendly as it reveals the QSR without leaving the current page.

Now I've checked the QSR of a keyword phrase the slow manual way countless times, you know how it works, you enter your phrase into Google search wrapped in quotes and scrolling down to find the last page etc until Google displays the last result.

Then I decided to create a shortcut feature and I then discovered that you can also do the same with Bing search and Yahoo search.

Please watch the video to understand better, if you'd like to skip the example of how I use the feature skip first 4 minutes.

This is only for the Chrome browser

You first must install a Chrome Extension called "Context Menu Search" and you can find it here:

Once installed on the option page you'll need to setup the custom search strings, the quoted search results strings I used are as followed:

Google Video:"TESTSEARCH"&tbo=p&tbs=vid:1&source=vgc&hl=en&aq=f&start=900#

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Jaialoha Premium
Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial. I have installed Google QSR, Bing QSR, etc. all in context menu search. Very convenient, and thanks for your help!
dreadless19 Premium
Hi Welshy....interesting and useful vid!...thanks for sharing.
nihcwealth Premium
Hi Craig. Thanks for introduce this function in Chrome. Is been great help.
jespinola Premium
Interesting!. Nice Video. I think just in google i can get QSR but you open my mind about that. Thanks
myzone2012 Premium
Great video Welshy. I always get value from your trainings. Thank you for sharing.