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1. New users on website

2. Add posts to menu

3. Stop pingbacks

4. Default settings images "none"

5. Allow Comments

6. Dropdown menu

7. Open affiliate link in new tab

8. Missing blog

9. Selfie widget

10. Where to find copyright free images?

Page 3

1. How to earn money with WA?

2. Difference between Affiliate Bootcamp & Getting Started

3. How to create a gravatar?

4. How to add a favicon?

5. Paste meta verification code in the header.

6. How to cope with the email flow?

7. How to Offer Comments?

8. How to offer feedback?

9. The missing visual editor

10. Do I have to keep siterubix after transfer to own domain name?

Page 4

1. Error: javascript and cookies are required in order to post

2. How to login when I am on another computer?

3. How can I give someone access to my website and which role?

4. How can I increase my site trust?

5. My referral can' t open a free account

6. Do I need categories and how to add them?

7. Can I cancel my membership and come back?

8. WA rules

9. How to move up in Rank on WA?

10. What is the minimum age to join WA?

Page 5

1. How to log in outside of WA

2. Delete admin

3. Link in comment - avoid spam

4. Delete unused plugins

5. Update plugins and theme

6. Delete themes you do not use

7. Permalink settings and adjustment

8. Pretty link settings

9. Paragraphs and lines - avoid %20 in the URL

10. Bootcamp or Certification Course?

Page 6

1. Can I change a post into a page?

2. Your tip here...???

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AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi, Loes very helpful tutorial and perhaps something that could be built out and incorporated in the main training modules I am sure many of us would benefit from that. Your training 3/8 paste verification code was put out before I arrived here lol, Putting it to good use thank you.
Loes Premium
I don' t think Kyle will incorporate it Alexander
Ultimateless Premium
I have 'starred' this! Thanks Loes!
Loes Premium
Thanks, have you found point 1?
Ultimateless Premium
Point 1 on page one has disappeared..or is there something I am missing?
Loes Premium
1. New users on website? It' s there alright.
and on page 2the solution is too
Ultimateless Premium
What I read is FAQ as a banner, then Page 2. I suppose FAQ is page one but it doesn't state it like you stated the other for me I didn't pick that up straight away
Loes Premium
Page 1 IS the summary :)
PSchafer Premium
Thanks Loes! My internet is out so I will ask later. I am typing on my phone
Loes Premium
My pleasure Patty:)
BarbaraJP Premium
Great work, Loes! nbelieve this will help more than just the new folks.
Loes Premium
Thanks Barbara, do you have additional FAQ's?
BarbaraJP Premium
Not at the moment. If I come up with something, I'll let you know!