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When you are writing for a client or blogging on your own, you want your blog posts to emotionally connect with your audience. This can be achieved through conversational writing.

You may have to start ignoring some of the grammar rules that you learned in high school. Here are some of the RIGHT ways to write conversationally.

I've also included some exercises to improve your conversational writing.

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MerLev Premium

I came across your video while I was sending a private message to another WA member offering mentoring and one of your blogs popped up.

The funny thing is I didn’t find that blog. Instead, I ended up watching this video.

It may be suuper basic, but it is very relevant. Especially when a lot of people (even for those ‘whom’ English is the first language), did not actually study English as a formal subject in school.

I’ve taken note of your website. Hope to visit it soon.

Just glanced at the date today. It is 31st of Jan already?? 2020 is flying!

May you have an enjoyable weekend, and some.
John377 Premium
hello I like your video today. I did my very first blog ever. I don't know how it went or if people even liked it I will keep writing and learning.
Thank you for the video. It was very informative..
melindac Premium
Thanks for the comment. Keep on learning. You'll get there!

Best wishes,