#7. Social Media Marketing by Publishing Inspirational and Motivational Post.

You can easily get motivational ideas from Google searches or by using quotes from legends. You can use canva.com to create personal quote/image. Motivational posts and images will build your social media marketing and will make your top influencers.

#8. Social Media Marketing through the Writing and Posting Posts with Value.

You need to create posts or contents that their value will last very long. Such contents add a lot to your social media marketing. You need to add the title to the content, description, hashtags, and link to the pot.

#9. Share Podcasts to Facilitate Social Media Marketing.

This is one of the relevant social media marketing strategies. You can add different varieties to your marketing strategy when you are creating your personal podcasts. People love to listen to podcasts so make use of it to promote your social media marketing. You should create and share them in different social media platforms.

#10. Social Media Marketing by Creating and Sharing Blog Post Snippets.

You don’t always need to create your own content, you can copy and paste some paragraph but don’t forget to add the link of where you copied it from. Blog post snippets social media marketing strategies generate traffic to both your website and where you got the posts from. Building your social influence is faster and easier with this strategy.

#11. Social Media Marketing by Creating and Sharing free E-book.

You can create a free and helpful e-book to your target audience. You will build your authority and increase many email subscribers. Free e-books draw in leads. You can pin your free e-books online Facebook, LinkedIn, your Facebook page, Twitter and others to get more audience.

PAGE 4: Recycling and Sharing Existing contents

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MinaKim Premium
Thanks for sharing these helpful tips!
bijanamid1 Premium
How can you do all these yourself? Do you have to find someone to help you ?Where do you get your help from?
peterjamesk Premium
You absolutely do not need anyone. You just have to be real share things people are wanting to know post regularly and follow the training here
MinaKim Premium
You can do all these by yourself. It's a little bit overwhelming at first, but once you get the hang of it--- It's easy.

Some are using automation tools / scheduler for uploading content on social media. So they don't have to do it manually.
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Great post - FYI canva are pre-registering for affiliates if you are posting this training on your sites or elsewhere. Thanks
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Thanks for this nice and helpful training.

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Excellent stratagies. I learned a lot from reading this. Thank you.