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There have been many questions about image size and customizing images to fit a website.

Canva is a good place to customize your images quickly for headers, sidebars and featured images on your website. It also makes it easy to adjust or modify images to share on social media and size them to optimize them for the specific Social sites like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Each has an optimal size for their platform.

This tutorial gives a quick overview of how to create an image for the header image on your site.

The Demo site that I am using, uses the Twenty Thirteen theme. This is a pretty good theme but has a seriously UGLY header image. This is a good candidate to have the image replaced.

I hope that this tutorial opens up the possibilities for you. Canva is very easy to use, has many free images that you can use. There are images that have a price attached, most are $1 for access if you choose to use the paid images. Many images are free or you can upload your own images as I have done.

If you have an image that has a large file size, Canva will optimize the file size of the images for your website. This is an important feature as large image files will slow down your site load and is probably the most frequent problem that people encounter with their sites.

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PIOFJR Premium
Thank you Craig. I liked and bookmarked.
Labman Premium Plus
Glad you will find it useful.
EFors Premium
Thanks for sharing, the lesson, it´s bookmarked. :))
inphase Premium
Fantastic tool!! I wish I had known about this a month ago. You won't believe the amount of time that I spent on a header image, but that's the learning curve.Thanks for sharing.
Labman Premium Plus
Canva minimizes the learning curve. It is basic but for most will give them what is needed.

For complex images I still use GIMP.
JackRichards Premium
Thank you for this! I was just trying to figure out how to customize my ugly website. Very valuable and another example of the great support we have in the WA community from truly competent people.
Labman Premium Plus
Images are important, optimized images are more so.
Medica Premium
Thank you for sharing this very valuable tool,much appreciated.
Labman Premium Plus
Glad you enjoyed it.