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In this video you’re going to learn how to change the link colors for your entire website in one quick and easy lesson.

I would have published this a few days ago but Twenty Seventeen proved to be a tough nut to crack. If you don’t like the way links are presented in Twenty Seventeen then here’s a couple of links where you can find code to fix it.

WordPress Support: Removing Anchor Underlines
WordPress Support: Twenty Seventeen Underlines

Or you can choose a different theme Choose a New Theme

This time I’m using the popular ColorMag theme to demonstrate the link colors.

Traditionally, links (also known as hyperlinks) were blue. But now you can have your links any color you like. So you can choose a color that looks good with the colors you’re using on your website.

Here’s the Code:

For basic colors you can just use the name of the color:

/* unvisited link */a:link {color: blue;}/* visited link */a:visited {color: green;}/* mouse over link */a:hover {color: orange;}/* selected link */a:active {color: red;}

Of course if you have favorite shades then you can use the hex value.

/* unvisited link blue */a:link {Color: #196380;}/* visited link green */a:visited {color: #248f24;}/* mouse over link orange */a:hover {color: #ff3300;}/* selected link red*/a:active {color: #cc0000;}

To find the hex values for your favorite hues use the colors picker at W3Schools W3 Schools Colors Picker

The choices are almost endless so make them yours.

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Thanks, I will dive into this later, bookmarked! I can sure use this on 2 of my websites, where I always change the colors manually
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You'll love CSS when you get into it :)
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good training
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Thank you for this1,000 shades of hex magic Marion! Great news for site beautification!
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Better than 50 shades of gray :)