I understand some people find HTML coding quit difficult, that' s why I want to explain this table code, because it is a very useful code.

How to write your own table code in HTML, and how to add columns, lines and links.

Abbreviations explained

tr = table record (a new line) td = table division (a new column)

This is a table with 3 columns

<strong><table style="width:100%"><tbody><tr><td></td><td></td><td></td></tr></tbody></table></strong>

If you want more ore less columns add or remove <td></td>

This HTML table code has 4 columns and 3 lines

<table style="width:100%"><tbody><tr><td>Column</td><td>Column</td><td>Column</td><td>Column</td></tr><tr><td>Line1</td><td>Line1</td><td>Line1</td><td>Line1</td></tr><tr><td>Line2</td><td>Line2</td><td>Line2</td><td>Line2</td></tr></tbody></table>

This is the result from above table

Next page - fill in with your own data

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TinaB Premium
Hi Loes. I have been looking for something like this because I don't want to use a plugin. Thanks for nice tutorial.

By the way, what's the name of website that lets you customize your own signature (that you have on last page)?
Loes Premium
http://Cooltext.com great text writing free program Tina
MarionBlack Premium
Great tutorial, Loes. Many people think that HTML is too hard to understand but you're making it easy. ~Marion
Loes Premium
Thanks Marion
bazboy247 Premium
There is always the plugin called Table press

Loes Premium
Thanks, I know Barry, but every plugin is slowing your site down, and when you only need one table you better put in your own code.
AndreDube Premium
Hi Loes,
It is soo funny, at the exact moment I received the email notification for this training, I was searching Google on how to create Tables!!
You read my mind! :o)
Thank you for that nice training.
Loes Premium
How great is life > meeting Life :) Andre
TheOldSilly Premium
Another useful tutorial, thanks. I keep a categorized Word.doc with "Saved Useful WA Tutorials" on it, and this one's getting added in the "html code" listing for sure.
Loes Premium
Thanks Marvin!