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Click to Tweet - Enhanced Sharing and Engagement

Let's jazz up our posts a bit with a cool little Twitter plug-in to help create some buzz about that latest killer article you just spent hours researching and composing.

In this video, I'll give you a few tips on how to share your articles in a few different ways to help attract more readers and give you some flexibility.

Are you on Twitter? You should be. If you have ever seen a "Click to Tweet" option within an article, it's pretty cool! I'll show you how to set it up within just a few minutes.

Also, this was created for a special someone that needed help setting this plugin up. So, I hope it's clear and I didn't miss anything!

I hope it helps!



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mckm Premium
I installed this a few days ago. I don't think anyone's used it yet but I like the way it looks on my webpage
rosieM Premium
A little bidie told me.....a line my mother used to say....usually meant she'caught' you in a would have imagined how big a best that twitter bird had? Twitter is definitely a needed presence for most and an even better way to meet new connections.
UKMerchant Premium
Another classic. Many thanks!
StepChook Premium
Thanks PJ. Much appreciated.
MKearns Premium
Thank you for the Twitter Tip PJ