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What is a niche?

A niche is simple, it is an audience. An audience looks for stuff online, for example, what are some of the last searches you did in Google. These are ALL niches.

In this video I am going to help you UNDERSTAND what a niche is, how to come up with niches that you are interested in, how to choose a niche...and if you can't come up with your own niche, then I give you a "plan of attack" for getting your business up and running in a pre-selected niche.

Here is what you are going to be doing within this tutorial:

  • Understand what a niche is
  • Finding your very own niche
  • Choosing your initial direction
  • Finding and search for affiliate programs
  • Using to uncover niches
  • Understanding Affiliate Bootcamp

A couple of resources I leveraged within this training that you can use for your niche research. These include:


If you have any questions about niches or what direction to go, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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JoseA74 Premium
Hello everyone.I'm excited to be here.I was going threw the next lesson where they talk about buying your own domain.
Well I've had the name of my business for a long time now.well in my head at least.
I wanted some advice n which .com name I should go with.
One version of it would look like this
The other would look like this
What do y'all think?
Also,would i be able to use both names in different variations in which ever one I choose?
Let me know what would be better choice?
SnazzyIT Premium
I like ogcreations or even just it's what makes it easy for people to look up.
JoseA74 Premium
Thanks.I hadn't considered that as a domain.Have to think about that.
SnazzyIT Premium
You are welcome. I had another member who did more than 10 years business consultation help me out with my newest website and we picked TWIBED which is modern, easy to remember and each letter stands for things specific to my business. So using acronyms do make it easy and also easily indexed. Whatever you do, do not use hyphens or full stops, because that makes it difficult for people to find your site.
MarshaT1 Premium
my niche is fashion, bags and shoes. I love shopping online, and I have a big passion on knowing what design clothes goes well with our culture, especially clothes that is formal, chic and unique style. prices on my arrange is affordable for everyone.

I like to help schoolies when they need to choose their dress for formal night, age range from 15 to 25. no one wants to pay few hundreds to thousands of dollars for a formal dress which maybe only wear it once or twice. so my price for them will be range from $70 to $250

shoes range is sandal heels and high heels, boots - all real leathers price range from $69 to $170

bags - looking for branded bags
Affiliatess Premium
I am still trying to decide what my niche will be, but I have always loved fashion and am pretty good at spotting trends myself. I look forward to seeing if we can help each other, if I do choose this niche. :)
I appreciate the passion you have within your niche
Munatrends Premium
branded bags should be a nice one.
LorraineM25 Premium
I would be really keen to focus on yoga as my niche. There may be lots of competition but willing to give it a real go as lots of people love yoga, myself included!

How narrow do I need to make it to get started - is yoga equipment still too broad? Or should I focus on one type - eg yoga mats?

Thanks for any advice,
AHost-Madsen Premium
Yoga equipment can include things like mats, mats you can roll up and have a carrying strap, mats that come in many colors, etc. You don't have to just focus on mats, though.
Although there is not a lot of equipment for yoga, you can talk about comfortable clothing to wear - which material stretches with your body, headbands, leggings, some people might use ankle or wrist weights for the added strengthening.
OR - you could talk about the different types of yoga, the chakras, etc.
Marketet Premium
Nah it ain’t to broad doesn’t matter what niche you pick whether it’s broad or narrow all that matters is you are willingly to create content based on it
Nihaoteo Premium
Ques 1 / This course is it the certification course mentioned or do I need to make another purchase?
Ques 2/ What are some high ticket affiliation products that we can promote?
Ques 3/ The course mention the building of 2 websites..does this mean as starter I choose 2 niches?
Ques 4/ Will I be taught to create several websites or subpages with just one domain name for several niches?

Am much clearer about the idea of a is the product that interest me and for me to promote..I want to encourage entrepreneurs into the digital market, so affiliate marketing will be my prime product. Right?
AHost-Madsen Premium
I will try to answer all your questions so that you have a better understanding of WA.

Q1 - I see that you are only a starter member. If you choose to upgrade to Premium, you would pay $19 the first month and $49 each month thereafter. There are many benefits to upgrading. You can see them here: Q2 - You would need to do a Google search. Just search affiliate programs and tons will come up. Electronics are very popular and could be high ticket as well as digital products that require a monthly subscription; you would get paid each month.

Q3 - As a starter the purpose of the two websites is one for each course - OEC and Bootcamp.
It is not recommended to have more than one niche to begin with because you may become overwhelmed. It is also recommended to start OEC before Bootcamp.

Q4 - I'm not sure I understand your last question. You are taught to create a website in OEC and you are taught how to promote WA in Bootcamp. You choose your domain and branding. You have the ability to create/purchase as many or few websites as you want.

I hope my answers help you. I have to step out for a few hours. If someone else answers you, great.

If you still want MY help, PM me.
Nihaoteo Premium
Cool thank you very much, Amy. for answering my question. I can now go on with the OEC and later do the boot camp to promote WA
AHost-Madsen Premium
Glad I could help!
Nihaoteo Premium
Cool Amy.