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I used to not pay attention to the "Page Attributes" section of my Wordpress pages, but there's some cool stuff worth exploring. In this video I show 2 different themes' page templates. The availability of different kinds of pages will vary based on the theme. Some have more, some have less.

This is a quick training, and can definitely add some variety to your style of posting, or create a positive user experience.
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splashduck Premium
I've wondered about those features but have been a bit afraid to use them. Looks like you can't really break anything or mess anything up by experimenting a bit. Thanks Nathaniell. Robbie :)
nathaniell Premium
It took me a long time to try this too. It happened because of necessity, so I wanted to share it with WA!
kiya05 Premium
Good info. I have a habit of looking at the main stuff, and missing the less obvious info, but this is something I think would be good to know, and use.

I'm FINALLY getting started, bought a domain so have to wait a day or two until it goes through in order to do my website. Anyway, hopefully I'll get moving now, and can use some of this info I've been storing, I mean, I can't use the "I'm new" thing forever, there comes a point where it doesn't apply any longer, and I think I'm there, so better get busy.
nathaniell Premium
Awesome! When you start 'doing', you'll find that 'learning' sticks to your brain a lot easier :)
Shields Premium
Thank you so much for exposing such opportunities!
Mackerz Premium
Neat. Thanks
please give me some instructions that how to start business here. i am new here...
nathaniell Premium
Start with the "getting started course" on the left sidebar