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In this video, I break down what a capture page is and how it is used to attract leads and build your email list. Although this tutorial is somewhat informal, I thought it was necessary to break down what a capture page was before diving straight into the HOW-TO part of this course.

You can access the full course for free at

or (if you run into any issues).

There, I provide an 11-video, step-by-step course on creating capture pages, along with bonus videos.

Glad to be of service.


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Digital Ink Premium
very professional, went to your site but click facebook signup wasn't working
Hayden Live Premium
Hmmmm. It's weird... Works for some, but not for others. ...I just checked and the FB Signup is working with Chrome and Firefox. If you tweaked your settings or installed addons/plugins, it may conflict.

Nevertheless, you can bypass the FB signup by going to:

Thanks for bringing this to my attn, Jerry... :)
sasukhram Premium
Great job, Hayden! Very well explained and you practice what you preach - you kept it very simple and easy to understand.
Hayden Live Premium
That's my goal. to keep things simple and concise... Glad you enjoyed it Suzanne :)
VMack Premium
Wow. You're a Business within a Business. Very Informative. Now that I know what it is, I definitely would like to have a Capture Page! Good Work.
Hayden Live Premium
Thanks a lot... I Appreciate the feedback (positive or negative). Glad to be of service :)
PeggyL Premium
Hayden-Good video. The layout is crisp and clean. Information is clear and concise. Thanks for sharing.
N Y Premium
Thanks, Peggy :) I truly appreciate the feedback...
skyhigh4 Premium
Thank you Hayden. I never knew what a capture was! You have a nice clear voice and simple to understand. :) Patti
Hayden Live Premium
Thanks, Patti... I appreciate the feedback.