Hi, Everyone...

With the shopping season upon us, I wanted to share some training on building a simple but effective sales funnel using only WordPress, some free plugins, and other free tools to help you sell more. The funnels you can create will be equivalent to those you must pay hundreds of dollars for using services such as LeadPages, ClickFunnels, etc.

Why spend money on a sales funnel service when you can do it yourself for free?

What you will learn in this tutorial will help you get started fast and within 1-2 hours maximum, you should be up and running with your very own free sales funnel!

Here is a screenshot of the first landing page showing the above the fold I have created using the setup I describe in this tutorial:

This is the 'Above The Fold" screenshot with a video background...It looks clean, professional, and I believe will convert. Cost? $0


There are other advantages to building your sales funnel on your own WordPress site too. Things like when using your own the domain (if you are using one you bought) and creating your sales funnel, you can add in additional features that you want or need and that may not be possible with one of the paid services. Also you are building more SEO power on YOUR site versus one hosted by someone else...

Here are the steps we will go through today:

(1) Introduction. This page! : )

(2) Elementor. Your very own free Page Builder.

(3) SumoMe. A free tool for optin forms and an email autoresponder connection (w/ Pro Upgrade, otherwise you will have to export your leads)....

(4) Icegram and Rainmaker Plugins. These are advanced pop-ups tools.

(5) Collect dot Chat. This is a free ChatBot tool.

(6) Yoast SEO Plugin. Useful for improving SEO.

(7) Social Locker Plugin. Useful for promoting social sharing of your content.

(8) Wrap Up. We go over one more time everything and open the door for questions...

At the end of the tutorial, you should be able to quickly get the tools onto the WordPress site that you own and start creating your own sales funnels.

Note that you will likely still want to learn more on how to set up the pages, opt-in forms, pop-ups, and offers using copy that most effectively will sell.

This training is to show you how you can do the sales funnels yourself, without using the expensive platforms that you will have to pay for otherwise. This is an expense you do not need to incur.

Read on, we are about to open the door to increased sales for you!

==> NEXT PAGE: Installing and using Elementor, a free Page Builder

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Sftat Premium
This is spot-on what I need, Dave! I knew I needed a sales funnel when I joined WA to build the foundation for that funnel. I understand how powerful these funnels can be, as they almost sucked thousands of dollars out of me (MOBE and AWOL - good funnels, but bad deals IMHO...)

I've been building up my WA based funnel foundation here, and hovering on the brink of shelling out for ClickFunnels, so I'm totally ready for your training.

Many thanks for this - it is sorely needed here...
DaveSw Premium
I am glad it will help you Steve and you are more than welcome!

We are getting ready for the end of year sales, and I just did not want to pay the 299 to ClickFunnels and be locked into what they dictate. This option is really much cheaper...

Do play with this and once you get the hang of it, you will see that it is just as fast. It is getting it set up that takes just a little time, but also not that long...

Let me know how it goes...

Dave : )
Shwni Premium
one more question, is Yoast better to use than the all in one SEO?
DaveSw Premium
Both are good from what I have seen. We use Yoast mostly on our Ecom websites especially, but I also use it on some IM sites. Both will work well...Cheers! Dave : )
Shwni Premium
But will they conflict with one another if i use yoast as well?
Happy2Learn Premium
Hi Dave. Great training. I am in the process if building a membership site curtesy of some training by Chris Scott. Your training will compliment my new site nicely. Thank you for the advice on using different plug ins. I had not heard of the chat bot plug ins before. This training will help me a lot. Thank you.
DaveSw Premium
Good to hear and it will definitely save you a lot of money compared to the services out there. What you can build is every bit as good for zero dollars! Cheers! Dave : )
Shwni Premium
never mind i didnt replace the word dot.lol
DaveSw Premium
Cool! : )
Shwni Premium
When you say go to collectdotchat where exactly do i look? I have typed that into google and your training is there, well done for that by the way.lol
DaveSw Premium
Yes I had to type it that way to not get into a violation with WA...Just remove the 'd o t' and replace it with a "." and join the two together... ; )