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To download GIMP go to http://www.gimp.orgThis video was created using GIMP 2.6. The current version is GIMP 2.8 from the release notes many of the issues that I have had with this program have been resolved. So get the current version and you will be pleased with the choice.When saving your final product, the native file extension is .xcf this file will save all of the layers and be editable.To save the file into your header you will need to export it as a .jpg or .png file. Saving in this format will flatten the file and make the picture one single layer.Save both so that you can go back and edit your picture later if you want to change it up. Upload the .jpg to your website and you are good to go.I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. Please click on the Like button to show your support. Feel free to follow me.Labman (Craig H.)

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jbird73 Premium
awesome i tried gimp and was quite lost,, very helpful
Lou47 Premium
thanks. I usually use for this cause I always found Gimp a little difficult to understand. Thanks for your training. Will go over it a few times.
marycascio Premium
Thank you so much for creating this! This is great! I learn something new every day :)
Labman Premium Plus
You are quite welcome glad it was helpful.
Beckywahm Premium
I had no idea I had a snipping tool. That in itself is very useful info! GIMP looks like it will be a lot easier to use than paint. Thanks for creating this :)
misshugh Premium
Thank you-I have been having a difficult time with headers and this looks like just the help I needed!
Labman Premium Plus
Welcome, let me know if you have issues and I'll do my best to help you through them.