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Do you have traffic and not know what to do next? This is a common question! Here are some things to do in order to figure out where that traffic is coming from.

Knowing where your traffic is coming from and what your most popular content is can help you grow traffic even more, and start to make sales.

From this data, you can see

  • what your most popular posts are
  • how they are getting found
  • how long they spend on your popular pages

Then you can

  • dig deeper for more content ideas
  • do more research and improve your current posts
  • make changes to popular pages and monetize them

I didn’t talk much about the ‘how make sales’ from your pages bit, but in the last minute or two I give you some ideas. Mostly it’s about:

  • fixing errors
  • looking for link opportunities
  • directing people to monetized pages
  • having people take other action like opting in, liking, or sharing
  • improving call to actions
  • changing your offer or product

Here are some additional resources on WA with more information on how to analyze your traffic from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools:

Setting It Up


*****Keywords Webinar Mentioned in Video

There are still MANY MORE webinars from Jay on these topics. Search for them! And don’t forget about Bing WMT as well. There are setup tutorials and webinars for Bing stuff as well.

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Wealth2018 Premium
Hi Nathaniell. In the last part of your video you talked about Google Index and Content Keywords. This isn't listed when I click on Google Index. Is this because you might be using a paid version of Jaaxy and I am using the free one or is it something else altogether?

Mary Ann
derekmarshal Premium
Awesome. Exactly what I have been looking for. What do I do with that data.
KatieMac Premium
Thank you Nathaniell this was of great use and had forgotten some steps
Harrysastar2 Premium
Another great post Nathaniell, bookmarked.
blubutterfly Premium
Thanks Nathaniell, this is exactly what I needed today, feeling like I need a plan and learn more about analyzing my traffic...perfect post :)
dlibreros Premium
Awesome training! Thanks for sharing. I just did a little research and found where most of my traffic is coming from, so now I know what's working and what isn't.
nathaniell Premium
dlibreros Premium
Quick question... I just checked my website traffic and it's increased dramatically to 588 sessions in the last week; but the majority of traffic is coming from a language "not-set". What does that mean, and is it helping or hurting my business? Thanks
MarineMom Premium
Thanks for this information. As usual, very helpful.
PMakaris Premium
Good stuff, helpful as always, thanks!
elliseng Premium
Great info Nathaniell. thanks for sharing !
Jillber Premium
This is great info, thanks!
Papi Premium
Thanks for the great training :)
dynamite8 Premium
Thank you for the great information
kholmes Premium
Thank you, great training. :)
johnwnewman Premium
Great training!
lauracb Premium
Hi Nathaniel,

I salute your idea of making a blog study, and use your own blog to show us different things. You had a great idea for us, the beginners.
Unfortunately, there are not many people here, experienced enough, and trustworthy enough, for this kind of stuff. The rank at WA has nothing to do with this.
And to me, Jay's webinars are way to long to watch.
Bottom line, a big THANK YOU!

nathaniell Premium
There are many experienced people here that create training on a regular basis and hang out in chat to help others as well! You just have to look for them ;)
Verina Premium
Thank you for so much useful information!
Judy-B Premium
This is a big help, thank you. A lot of this tech stuff I get bogged down with, but it's getting a bit clearer. :)
MMcConnell Premium
Wow Thank You so much for this valuable info.
DoubleTap Premium
Thank ya' Nathaniell, definitely bookmarked. Outstanding amount of great information here... totally outdid yourself on this one!
Christabelle Premium
Thank you Nathaniell for the excellent tutorial! Bookmarked!
Michelle04 Premium
Very helpful information, thanks Nathaniell. I bookmarked this. :) Michelle
dhayman Premium
Thanks for the links.
TheCatherine Premium
Thanks for that extremely helpful. Fun as well.
tommo1968 Premium
Very helpful training as usual Nathaniell, do you know you can change the way GA reports not provided kw data to show the page the user landed on that way you get an idea to what was searched for. I believe Jay did a webinar on it.
nathaniell Premium
Yes, the webinar is linked above. I watched it before, but totally forgot how he did it so didn't mention it in the video. Looks like I need to re-learn it!
Chris2005 Premium
Thanks Nathaniel. This will help those that are getting traffic.
Eriksen Premium
Thank you Nathaniel!