Step 1: Organize your blog and create great content

If you blog already have at least 20 beautiful articles that attract the interest of the audience, at least as a beginner must do that for a month, posting quality content articles and also leveraging on your social media network, working on building trust with your network and audience, all these must be maintained and solidify before making effort to monetize your blog, you can make a lot of money from affiliate marketing by following these following:

step 2: Discover an affiliate program

I can say that you have binary choices in partnering with affiliates: you can sign up as an affiliate for a particular company, or to register with an affiliate network, its outstanding to go for both!

The first one will give an opportunity to promote that company's products and services, if you sign up once,then you have the chance to promote some products or all the products of that very company, and for the affiliate network, it allows you to be an affiliate of the companies that the network represents.

Affiliate like ShareASale, it's just the simple process to apply, but the website must be of high-quality; the most favorable part of it is that, as long as you have great content in the site, you are alright and qualify. I will like to give this advice that it is better to promote the company you are familiar with and would enable you to market it and recommend to other people.

To search for companies in a specific affiliate program within your niche, use the following:

1.Your niche + the affiliate program( see this example.swimming product affiliate program)

2. Niche product + affiliate program(e.g. 'swimming coat' affiliate program)

3.The keyword + affiliate (e.g., swimming product affiliate)

4.The Keyword + affiliate product

5. The product name + affiliate: Assuming you have a specific product in mind, combine the product with member and check the search to see if something will pop up.

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