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One of the most important aspects of your website is going to be your initial framework. The framework should be relevant and useful to your visitors and should offer organization to your website in terms of navigation.

In this training I am going to be walking you through the strategy of coming up with themes for your website categories and then I am going to be showing you how you build out your ideas in preparation for content.

Here are some of the topics discussed in this training:
  • How to come within themes relevant to your site
  • How to build out your initial framework
  • How to exclude pages from your website menu
  • How to properly name your pages
  • Using to dig down into a theme/idea
  • How to use the Alphabet Soup Technique to come up with ideas
If you have any questions about this training, please let me know and I will be more than happy to help you out.
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LorenzoO Premium
I have can't seem to get my pages that I created to show up on my front page...could someone tell me what I might be doing wrong...the page is created and I can see and I published but I can't seem to get it to show up on the Front Title Page...I am open to suggestions

Thank you,
betcha Premium
If you are referring to the menu, simply go to "Appearance," click "Menu" then add your pages to the menu structure and update.
Explore around your website and see all the possibilities. I have a training on WordPress Fast Start that may be helpful to you @ Feel free to get in touch anytime whenever you need help.
GetCarasized Premium
How do I follow you to get back to this message to learn wordpress from your help to start? I am new and doing bootcamp

Thanks Carla Souder
betcha Premium
You can go to my profile, then scroll down to the trainings I created and look for WordPress Fast Start. So that you can access it anytime, bookmark it into your browser.

Another place to save anything that you like is creating a digital notebook. There are several online but I love the features of Evernote. It has a free version. You can simply create an Evernote account and use it. I have a simple training for that @ You can do a lot online and you can be accomplished in many ways. Go for it!
LorenzoO Premium
Hey Betcha,

I really appreciate your took care of my problem and I am going through your course now...

Thank you very much!!
betcha Premium
My pleasure, Larry!
Sarajane4343 Premium
Hi If we are promoting WA what themes would you suggest and does the content has to also be authenticated for our use? Can we use material from here or a blog etc to help us with the website.
I know in the boot camp it says get your themes but all I know is WA is the place to be and their website is amazing!!
Labman Premium
Work through the bootcamp courses. There are good trainings that will answer these questions and more that will surface as you learn.
Sarajane4343 Premium
Ahh Thankyou yes I asked this then found an answer but Thankyou so much
Labman Premium
Glad you were able to find the answer.
ScottM2 Premium
My site doesn't look like yours at all I have a mess on the sides and I don't see the 404 code at all. I do see the pages that I made. I just want to make sure I'm on the right track. It says HELLO WORLD. All so I was wondering how do I put my pages in a certain order? and not to sound dumb but do I have this lesson right? 3 themes 10 topics for each. then wright about each topic for each theme. So roughly 30 paragraphs?
Thomas1863 Premium
I have managed to overthink this and wound up confusing myself, it's easy to do!

As it pertains to an Affiliate website:

What is the difference between a post and a page from a website content point of view? Do we need both in order to promote WA affiliations?

What is the difference between a menu item and a category? When do we use one versus the other? Do we need to have both?

For those that have a good handle on this, I could use clarification.

Phey Premium
Please let me know when you get the answer. Have you tried Kyle or Carson yet? Did you post this question to the community? ?
Macaroni Premium
I must say the video was really helpful! Although I would suggest one change since I didn't watch the video till the very end. As I work through the steps in WA I always go in order checking the "Your Tasks" at the bottom of the page first before beginning each lesson, working my way down from first task to last task. I didn't watch the video until I got to the last task. My suggestion for this video is to be added to Task 2 of Course 1 Lesson 4 instead of at the bottom of the page because this can be a daunting task and it would help tremendously to finish task 2 quicker and finding 30 categories for your themes. After finally watching this video it helped me to understand and finish the lesson.