Adding Amazon Affiliate Links With SiteStripe

First of all, I wish you heartily welcome to this tutorial!

I wrote this tutorial first of all because so many people ask how to add Affiliate Links to their site. The tutorials out there have not been explaining it well enough or just have been out-of-date on the matter.

Amazon Changed A Lot

A lot has changed. Amazon SiteStripe is something from the last 2-3 years. Only last year they started using a new system called OneLink that binds the storeID of all your Amazon Associate accounts for each country together.

Amazon has also a link builder plugin for WordPress, called Amazon Link Builder, that adds all this code and more right into your post.

Of course I could advice anyone to add this plugin to their site, but it might not be what you want. It adds yet another plugin to your site and too many plugins can clog the speed of your site.

I will leave the advanced OneLink out of this story and the same goes for the plugin. If no-one else writes a tutorial about these, I could do so in the near future.

For the sheer purpose of simplicity I write this tutorial about adding links through Amazon SiteStripe.

In this tutorial you will learn:

  • Amazon SiteStripe Basics
  • How To Find A Product
  • How To Add A Text Link
  • How To Add An Image Link
  • How To Add A Text+Image Link
  • How To Add A Native Shopping Ad

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Extra Resources

In this section I place some extra resources and information. You might have been redirected by me from other pages in my tutorial to this section to do something before you can continue with the tutorial.

Amazon Associates Programs

If you are not an Amazon Associate yet, you need to sign up for the program for each of the country specific websites you want to advertise for. If your website is targeting USA customers, you need an account for associates program.

You can link multiple programs together using the Amazon OneLink system. About that more later.

First of all, the Amazon Associates Programs per country:

  • Brazil -
  • Canada-
  • China -
  • France -
  • Germany -
  • India -
  • Italy -
  • Japan -
  • Mexico -
  • Spain -
  • United Kingdom -
  • United States -
  • Amazon OneLink

    For Amazon OneLink you naturally need an Amazon Associates Account as was described here above.

    For Amazon OneLink to function you need to do a couple of things:

    • Configure each associateID with the Amazon OneLink system
    • Add OneLink code to your websites' footer
    • Add Product links using SiteStripe

    Amazon OneLink Resources:

    Amazon Link Builder

    The Amazon Link Builder Plugin for WordPress can be downloaded through your Dashboard.

    Plugins - Add Plugin - Search for Amazon Link Builder and install & activate the plugin.

    The Amazon Link Builder has a script within the plugin that recognizes shortcodes it generates for the linking of products.

    The Amazon Link Builder adds an icon to your Visual WordPress editor for Posts and Pages with which you can add the various offered product linkings. I will not go into the details of this plugin, as it is a different subject, but I will give you some resource links here instead.

    Do understand that this adds yet another Plugin to your website and plugin count. Too many plugins can slow down your website.

    Amazon Link Builder Resources:

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