Why Add YouTube Videos?

  • Because its a powerful marketing tool.
  • It can increase the time each visitor spends on your page (page dwell).
  • Some people relate better to videos.
  • Adds authority to your site
  • Can increase traffic.
  • Increases your marketing reach.
  • Adds to the multidimensional marketing approach that every successful business requires.

The Problem With YouTube Embeds

There was one major issue with embedding YouTube Videos.

People can get distracted and leave your site.....

The main reason for this is because of the related videos within YouTube embeds.

So we need to minimize "distraction" and keep readers engaged and taking action.

This tutorial will show you how..

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That's another for my yellow star library - thanks for sharing
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Thanks a lot..very helpful
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Thank you for this. I found it very helpful.
I can't believe I am the first to post, but THANK YOU for this extra url snippet to remove the extras!
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you're very welcome :) I try to post tutorials on every little thing i learn along the way... I have a huge list of them lol
Keep up the great work!