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Verify Google, Pinterest and Affiliate Programs with a Meta Tag

One of the options to verify your website is by using a Meta Tag in your header file. This video walks you through the process for Google but the same method applies for Bing, Yahoo, Pinterest and any affiliate programs that want you to verify ownership of your website.

We'll do this one of the safe ways with a child theme. Why use a child theme instead of just editing the main theme? I'm glad you asked. If you change the main theme then the changes you make will be overwritten when the theme is updated. Themes and WordPress itself get updated every couple of months. So to stay verified, or for any other changes to persist, we use a child theme.

Other safe ways to verify your website include:

FTP Using FileZilla

All in One SEO plugin

Yoast SEO plugin

You can also change fonts with a child theme

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WealthyAsFCK Premium
Pintrest is asking me to do this.

Great tutorial. very clear. I couldn't find the very last button 'Generate/ Rebuild Child Theme Files.' Its not on the main tab.

It didn't matter anyway because I had accidentally copied the tag into my theme header. And saved that. I was lucky because everything looks ok.
Actually my child theme came came out so that all the menu options were showing on the toolbar instead of having them organized into sub-menus.

Pintrest confirmed my website.
BVisan Premium
Hi Marion
Thanks again for the training, it's really helpful!
After moving my hosting to WA and trying to check my Google analytics, I realized that my site is no longer verified, so I went back to the drawing board and thanks to you now it is.
Thank you!
MarionBlack Premium
That's great. This way is permanent as long as you don't change your theme.
philaccardo Premium
Hi Marion:
I need to add a HTML code for verification for an Affiliate network.
I do not have a child theme installed.
Do I need to have one? I do not know anything about child themes
To do it quick, is there a way to upload the verification code without child theme?
MarionBlack Premium
If they give you a file to upload you can do it via FTP. Otherwise you need to create a child theme. It's not hard.
SusanAL Premium
Thank you, Marion! This video is very much appreciated. Being a visual learner, this simplifies the process 100% (purely written explanation sometimes have me pulling out my hair). =(

By the way, what is the reason for verifying a website? Should this be done at all times? Right from the beginning of setting up a site?
MarionBlack Premium
Yes, your website should be verified with Google right from the beginning using one of the methods I mention above or what Kyle shows in his training.

Now for Pinterest, Yahoo, Bing and some affiliate programs you may need to verify them separately.
SusanAL Premium
Good to know. I don't think I have gotten to the part where Kyle explains it. If I do it now, I will be ahead. =D

Thanks again!
BrianClark73 Premium
Great training, Marion. I was interested in this to be able to be listed in the Russian site "Yandex". I noticed that information when I watched the video about using "Yoast" as opposed to "All in One SEO"

I'm also wanting to get an Alexa rating . . . I noticed THAT as well.

You've solved a problem I've been mystified with for months now.

MarionBlack Premium
Always happy to help Brian.