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WordPress Tools Export

Every day you work on your website you should do a quick and easy backup using Tools Export to back up your content. It only takes a few seconds and it could save you a lot of heartache. This process does not back up your images, other media, plugins or themes. I recommend other methods for complete backups.

In order to prove the effectiveness of this procedure I backup up my content, deleted all the posts and pages and emptied the trash. All posts and pages were permanently deleted. I don't recommend doing this - I just did it as a demonstration.

WordPress Tools Import

Of course using Tools Export would be a fool's exercise if I didn't know how to Import again. If you ever use Tools Import to restore your content please remember to deactivate the plugin after it's done its job.

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Geoff-n-Jane Premium
Thank you Marion.
I will also give FTP a go.
Also, how do you backup onto an external hard drive, for example?
MarionBlack Premium
To back up to an external hard drive just create your local folder on your external drive. OR back up to your C: drive and copy it across afterwards. I like to keep backups on 2 hard drives plus a USB drive. But then I'm a little paranoid :)
NancyLian Premium
Thank you Marion. Always love your training :-)
MarionBlack Premium
You're always welcome Nancy.
OldMCSEGuy Premium
Ok you beat me to backup training. Well you probably could do a better job than I could anyway. and I was going to be using back WP up. Great job as usual.
MarionBlack Premium
Thank you. My next 2 videos coming up shortly.
HansenLin Premium
Marion, may I know what app you used to do screen recording for training? And the editor too?
MarionBlack Premium
Thanks for asking Hansen, I use Camtasia Studio for both screen recording and editing.
HansenLin Premium
Thanks for the information too, I will try it :)
MatthiasN Premium
Thank you for a very good demonstration but i like to see an way to backup all even images
MarionBlack Premium
You can use FTP to backup everything and I'll be adding other methods soon.