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My name is Claude Toussaint and I own and operate several companies, online as well as offline. My latest endeavor is with America Approved Energy Services Direct, LLC. With them I am a Founding Member and Certified National Director brokering energy for Public Power, LLC. We lower peoples electric or gas bills. I’m here to offer you the same opportunity I’m involved in. I am also here to help you get to the same level I’m at within the AMA Nation!

Here at AMANation our mission is to deliver products, services, and information to our consumers about the benefits of energy savings with or without energy deregulation. We expect each member of our company and family to be committed to excellence and to acting and operating with the highest moral and ethical standards. I look forward to developing a lucrative relationship with you or would be happy simply educating you on the benefits of energy deregulation. Here at AMA Nation we expect everyone to laugh, have fun, and be proud of what we are building.

My goal or mission right now is to be able to help as many would-be entrepreneurs like myself prosper, laugh, have fun, and be proud of whatever business they are building. It doesn’t matter if you’re network marketing, Internet marketing or in any one of the thousands of MLM companies. Giving somebody the skills and assets they need, so they can finally break through and succeed, is something I Have to do. Why you ask?…. Because helping you helps me! Every question I answer is like continuing education for me. Every new problem I can’t figure out forces me to find a solution. Helping you succeed is one of my greatest passions because it helps me streamline my own knowledge.

With my personal life story and blog at www.ClaudeToussaint.com I hope to empower you to take action and reached the levels of success you always dreamed of. Take advantage of something I learned a while ago “the more you help others reach their goals, the sooner you will reach yours.” Learn new skills and techniques, reach exciting new heights of awareness and achieve outstanding results.

This is a very lucrative industry and I want to coach and train individuals who realize that learning is an ongoing process. However, I am only looking to work with individuals that understand this. So if you feel your coachable or teachable and you have the ambition and desire to succeed I invite you to take the next step to work with me!

To our success….
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Welcome to WA. Lots of nice people here.
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