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October 01, 2014
I signed up on June 22nd, have taken a couple of short breaks to attend to other ventures but have worked diligently in building relationships here at WA and just love it. This week I reached 2,000 followers! Thanks to everyone for connecting with me to help build the WA network. Everyone working together to help others is a definite recipe for success in any business. Kyle and Carson have developed a great online system for accomplishing this synergy.This is truly a special place. Here is
September 26, 2014
One of my favorite movies to watch is a movie called Dead Poets Society. One of our truly great actors in my lifetime, Robin Williams, performed his role masterfully as a young teacher who challenged the establishment with his out-of-the-box thinking and teaching methods. One of the more compelling scenes in the movie was when Mr Keating (Williams) challenged his students, as he stood on his desk looking out over the room, to constantly look for opportunities to see life from a different point
September 23, 2014
So we are all here on WA because we see a great opportunity to make a living, earn an income, live a lifestyle, etc in a way that is different than our parents and the generation that came before us. We realize that the office-enclosed, 9-5, salary-based type of jobs are not the desired choice for making a living like the last century. It is a different economy and it is driven by the activity on the internet. So how do we make a go of it? What are the secrets to earning that income online?
September 20, 2014
Thought leadership guru Peter Drucker does not have a flattering view of traditional management models. Time management and efficiency, or lack there of, within the corporate world is a focus of his refreshingly liberating work "The Practice of Management". I thought a few of these quotes by Drucker might brighten your day if you are a thinker that likes to toss aside the old ways of thinking about how to produce effectively in our current world of commerce and business. Enjoy! 1. “Doing t
I was wondering about duplicate content today and as suggested by Robert, who always has great info, I did a search for this in the search bar. I have truly come to realize that there are very few questions that have not been addressed at some point in time here in the community. So I searched Duplicate Content and found a great post about this subject that could be poisoning your rankings without you even knowing it. I would recommend that everyone read this post about duplicate content to h
August 01, 2014
I am a big fan of many genres of movies. A great comedy, an thrilling crime drama and even an occasional chick flick. But there is nothing like a great action film. One of my favorites back in my youth was Top Gun. Remember Maverick, which was not just his call sign but his attitude toward life. Well I felt like Maverick over the last week or so. Very busy with work and other repsonsibilities, not to mention a bit of a writers block, had me spending time away from WA and the sharing that g
Hello all! Happy Friday! Its a glorious day here in St Louis and I have the results from last weeks poll. My niche is on leadership and my website is devoted to that niche. I understand I am not able to post my link here so please find on my profile. I asked the question "what are the three desired qualities of a true leader?" I got some great responses back and I wish to share them here, as promised. One of the main themes here at WA is to be a helpful, pay-it-forward member of the commun
I have found a wonderful new life with WA. It is exactly what I have been looking for. I am able to use my own abilities to create what I want. It is hard work and takes time, but is so fulfilling...and it comes from the heart. But I never want to forget what my life truly is about. My family and friends and faith are what drive me. Never let me forget or get distracted from what is real inside of me. This video is a good reminder of that. Click Here for the video "Look Up" Mike
July 21, 2014
Greetings WA. I have reached the point in the training where I am supposed to write a blog giving a synopsis of my progress and goals after being with WA for this period of time, which is one month. I started on June 22nd and have been so fortunate to have been able to learn as much as I have in that time. When I started on June 22nd, I was, like many of you I imagine, just not quite sure what WA was. The little bit that I was able to peek in to was very appealing, so much so that I decided
July 15, 2014
This will be short but I wanted to get this out there. One of my favorite scenes from any movie is the scene from Coach Carter when a player stands up, while studying in the gym with the rest of his team, to address his coach with an answer to a question that had been asked of him many times. The player did not have an answer before because of what he was lacking inside of him in character and self-esteem. Through Coach Carter's life lessons and teachings, along with a little hoops training, th