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April 29, 2018
I'm on course 3, lessonn 6, and writing my product review. I rather ambitiously started to review weight loss pills. OOOmmmppphh. There is just so much and I really want to do a serious, well-researched review. Ok so after a full 10 days of research and writing I have decided to make my life a bit easier. I am keeping the post and will add to it as I go along. But I will choose one product to focus on. Otherwise it might take me half a year to write a review that I am satisfied with. So, change
April 24, 2018
I have spent most of my time the last few weeks with updating my old blog posts (160 of them) with Amazon ads and WA ads. Finally finished yesterday. Now and then I worked a step further through the training, and now I have finally written my 8th post about the best exercises to lose stomach fat, thank you Jaaxy, that actually had 1056 QSR over 15 competition. I have also been adding keywords, which I researched through Jaaxy, to my old titles, content and tags. Feeling that I am finally gettin
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April 13, 2018
Ok, now I have gotten my 2 drafts ready with an Amazon link, now they are live! I managed to find the HTML. For some reason Wordpress calls it Text here (button on top of page, toggle between Text and Visual). The ad does not show up on the preview/draft, but it does on the real page. Tip for you who didn't already know it: Amazon can make Custom ads that look real good also on mobile phones, but you can also get individual links to any product or you can let Amazon offer varying selections of
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Pant, pant. (Hyperventilating). Ok. I managed it. The phone verification finally went through and now I am officially an Amazon Associate for the next 180 days. If I don't generate a sale in that time I'll be Associate-off. Now I need to calm down, take a cuppa tea, and think. Not run off in all directions like a chicken without a head. This chick has a head and a brain in it, now use it!!There is so much new out there for me to learn!!! I still haven't found the HTML on my WA site so I can't d
April 11, 2018
Hi everyone. I am happy with my progress here at WA. It is going step by step, as we all are. I have brought my domain, which I have been paying for for 10 years but never been able to do anything with, into WA. I actually bought another domain, which I have other plans for in the future. I have written 4 posts so far on my new website and published 1. The drafts are waiting for affiliate links. My website is live. I am going trhough the training and writing this is part of the training. The fi