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It has been a while since I blogged here at WA or even since I have been active. A recent downturn of events brought me back into the mix unexpectedly. However there was some good that came out of it all.I made a couple friends that had my back better then I could ask for. During this time they helped in a way I think bigger then they even know. Because of this I would like to formally thank them both from the bottom of my heart. Here are the links to their WA profiles so you can follow them if
I have faith that in the next 6-12 months I will have worked hard and built my business out to full time online. With the help of WA and my dedication I believe it 100%!Thanks everyone,-Anthony
I started here at WA last February and had never heard of affiliate marketing up to that point. Like every other newbie I was red hot on fire to build my website and create content. Everyone told me not to over do it and I would burn my self out. Well they were all wrong... so I thought.You know what happened next. I burned out. Haha. So I took a few months away. BUT now i'm back!This time I will pace myself better as to avoid what happened prior. I am also now working on a niche site to go alo
Hello everyone in Wealthy Affiliate land. I hope you are all making good progress with your projects. Today I have been with WA for one day over a month and I am STILL ecstatic to be here. I have made decent progress with my website. I have about 22 pages and posts and now I am going to be trying my best to get one out each day while improving my quality. The other thing I am super stoked about is that today I have reached exactly Rank 100 within Wealthy Affiliate! I was going to blog about whe
March 10, 2015
As of writing this I am 2 days shy of my first month into Wealthy Affiliate. Today is monumental... I got my first referral commission! Not a friend or family it came through my website. The website that the training here at Wealthy Affiliate taught me how to build. I have just started the Course 5 of the Bootcamp so I am not even done with training yet. I do plan to go through it again when I am done just to refresh everything and make sure there was nothing I skipped. I hope some new members
March 04, 2015
Today marks a special event in my Wealthy Affiliate life. I have been here for 3 weeks now!! I'd like to start off by thanking everyone for being awesome to socialize with and for all the help with everything from site building to writing articles. This has been one of the most enjoyable and fun things I've done / been apart of in a long time. One thing you hear from a lot from the newer members (me included at one point) is "can I really make money at this?" or "how long till i'll start making
February 25, 2015
So here I am now 13 days in and I am absolutely loving life. Everyone I have met is so great and I truly believe this community is the best available online. I finally had google approve me for adsense, had a little traffic and made $6.83 just like that. I recommend getting this going if you haven't yet once your site is a bit established. It doesn't need to be perfect because my site is pretty new and I was fine. I know it's not a ton of doe but a little bit here and there is nice until I star
February 18, 2015
So now I am 6 days in to this WA thing and still loving it. It special ingredient is the community and everyone I have met is awesome by the way. I just started into the bootcamp side and I really enjoy it. The small hurdle I encountered was that I spelled business wrong when I bought my domain name and didn't notice it right away. $11 down the drain! Oh well it happens right? Well I couldn't go on with a mistake like that so I bought the correct domain name with the proper spelling and moved o
I just love Wealthy Affiliate so much that I'm finding my self only sleeping 4 hours a night since I joined up. That is not good for your health and I need to change that :p I know you were expecting a hate post but I was just pulling your chain. So far I have just finished Course 2 and headed to 3. This is what I have accomplished so far and I am proud that I have that much done. There is a lot of work left to do but i'm pumped and will keep chipping away at it dail
February 12, 2015
3 hours in and I had to upgrade. I don't like to do things halfway. All-in investment, All-in returns!