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Hi all,In my new video, we I discuss how often you get out of your comfort zone, and what benefits you will see from being uncomfortable. So stay on the video to learn these benefits and how they can help you in your personal growth. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone
January 27, 2020
You need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That is how you growWorking hard is very important. What you work hard on is even more important.One thing we all need to realise is that we all work for ourselves, we do not work for anyone else. That includes YOU. You only work WITH others, this is also including your boss. Throughout my career, I have worked with few great bosses, some average bosses, and a lot more bad bosses.As I grew in my career, I always felt the need to ask for more
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Hi all,I have just uploaded my first training video to the Wealthy Affiliate training section: Marketing Tools that we could all use to help us in our business. Tools that can help us be more productive, organised and optimise our content.It would be great if you could have a look at it and let me know your thoughts.All the best,Tom
Up until the last few years and going through this process, I've always felt like I wasn't allowed to fail. I was scared to death of failing, whether it was in school, at home and especially when I started working. In my head, my parents, teachers and colleagues expected me to meet extremely high standards no matter what. I even thought they expected me to meet impossible standards.How do you feel when you lost at something you wanted to win? Were wrong when you thought you were right? I alway
In 2005 I joined the Rail Industry as a Technician and after a couple of years I enjoyed the job, and I was comfortable in the position. I knew what was expected of me, my Line Manager was good, and I considered my colleagues to be my friends. Life was pretty good as a 23 year old.Another six months passed and I became a clock-watcher. The 3.30 p.m. countdown became a daily routine, and, by Wednesday each week, I had the Friday feeling. I wanted more excitement and challenge: the norm wasn&rsqu
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Hi Guys,I have been in running my website and going through the Wealthy Affiliate Training since April 2nd 2018, so just about two weeks.Before this I was (and still am) working the Rail Industry within in the UK in a Senior Management position. I am hoping that through wealthy Affiliate and running my own Affiliate Marketing business that I can leave the Rail Industry and focus soley on my business.If there's one thing I have learned from being in a Senior Management position that Leadership i
This won't be a long post.I just want to say that since starting Wealthy Affiliate and going through the Bootcamp, the blog posts and ideas are pouring out of me.I am working in another job at the moment but when I get home I am so excited to get to work on my new blog and business.I have finally found something that I think I am going to love and can make a good living from.If I keep this going and not give up then I will have something I can teach to others too, especially my niece and nephew
I have incorporated videos into my blog posts. I have heard its a good thing to do, to have a written post aswell as video. A lot like the course lessons we are going through on the Bootcamp and the Certification course.I have put a plan together to try and uupload 5 blog posts a week, including my videos. I'm going to try to keep that up for at least six months, that is a milestone I want to meet. If I can make that, then I will continue with 5 posts a week.I believe the more content you make