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Dear all, My fellow WA peers. I would like to make a short post. It is about my personal appreciation to WA for being a top contributor in exchanging comments between two websites.I guess it did pay off when you spent hours during your weekend, giving comments. It means so much to me and this made me more motivated to achieve my ultimate goals, basically to have more site more recognizable. Yes, there is a lot of work to be implemented but hey, it is a step by step approach to be where you wan
Greetings all, I hope you all are having the best times in 2016! Personally, I didn't fulfill my main goals! Haven't been to my website for a very long time (Last time was back in May)However, just have to move forward positively and I hope this could spur on to some who are having the same situation as I have at the moment. Anyways, since I posted the word 'Brief' on the title, I won't go and say a lot more......Let's have a better one next year and I am anticipating on that. Oh, talk about Ne
October 31, 2015
Howdy WA. Having a great weekend with orange and black theme surroundings?Talk about Halloween, I just made a brief post about Halloween. I mean the relationship with Halloween and soccer boots.If you have time before celebrating tonight, if it's fine, have a read and give some comments. The link is here. comment is appreciated and I will return on your site. I will. Just give link by comment below this short blog.Stay scary!
October 01, 2015
Hello all. Hope everyone's doing well. Been inactively lately here in WA due to my classes and studies for the past and next few weeks.Also, I've been doing this flexible eating which I'm finding it interesting as I used to eat strictly but now I can enjoy anything I want as long as it's within my recommended caloric consumption. At first, it's quite overwhelming and it took my time off here in WA just to learn about the principles and insights but all's well now. Still, I do plan what I eat fi
September 07, 2015
Hello guys, as I mentioned on my previous post, there's a Youtube vid uploaded by myself if I got a pair of the shoes I wanted and talked about it in the vid. So here it is. P.S. Will invest on GoPro for a better quality vid in the future. Hope this is the first of many.<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
September 03, 2015
Guys, just a short post. Well, a brief notice. Yesterday, I just got myself an item that I've been waiting for months. An item produced in limited capacity (meaning it's a limited edition, 3000 pairs) which in fact, it is sold out within few hours worldwide. An item related to my niche.Behold.Prior to this, I promised myself that if I got a pair, I'll make a Youtube video. I've never done it before, guys. I mean making a Youtube video. So, it's gonna be.....exciting I would say. Anyways, thanks
August 05, 2015
Hello WA. Today, I wanna share you something which is, as I just said on the title, interesting. So, at the moment, I am juggling my time both working on my site (including knowing what's on at WA) and studies. About studies, for those who didn't read my last post, I had to resit. But that's normal for students who take course which I am doing. Anyways, one way I am revising, besides learning principles on textbooks is going on youtube and know about the business and financial world through Fina
Hello WA. Hope's all's great with you. Anyways, I just wanna share something with you. For those who don't know me, I am a student undertaking Accounting professional course.Speaking of which, I just got my results hours ago. Guess what? I failed 2 papers I sat and I passed one of them. Am I sad? Nope. I don't feel that guilt honestly.I don't wanna say I work hard for exam preparation and all that. Of course I did. But you know, when you prepare something like in my case here which is the exam,
July 01, 2015
Hello WA. I hope you're having a great summer (Or winter if you're in Oz and the rest of Southern hemisphere). I just wanna let you know my PLAN for the next few months.So, lately, I've been spreading the words about my site on both social medias as well as through my close family members and friends. Personally, that's not enough. I want more people, specifically from someone who is a complete strangers. So, I have set some objectives. By doing this, as you guys are aware of, factors like havin
June 29, 2015
I use my pinterest board as a link since there is a copyright issue and it is illegal to insert those licensed images on my website? What do you think guys?