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October 13, 2019
Getting back into the game. As life brought many unexpected twists and turns, (unexpected death in the family), I found myself taking a pause for the cause. Unfortunatley, the pause went from a week of not blogging and expanded to over a period of several months. I reallize the old saying, TIME WAITS FOR NO MAN!! Several Months is just " Too Long to be away from WA and Blogging" I thought! So now, I am getting up from off the sideline, geting back into the game.I have realized that while on
April 07, 2019
I completed the 1st-week tasks of the Super Affiliate Challange. I am currently working on a keyword blog post to publish to my site.I have gotten clarification from one of the Awesome WA members who were apart of last years SWAG challenge that they were required to write a lot of blog posts for there challenge last year. Thank you fellow WA Member (Sdawson). I really appreciate it! I was so grateful for this tidbit of information because I am such an inquisitive person. I needed to have an ide
April 03, 2019
I am so grateful to have been accepted for this years Super Affiliate Challenge! Thank you, Kyle for the Awesome Opportunity!A Picture Worth A Thousand Words So many emotions of shock, surprise, anxiety, came to the surface as I read the PM from Kyle announcing I was accepted. After getting over the initial shock the thought, "Is this an April's Fools Joke from Kyle" crossed my mind when I read the first line. LOL!!As I continued to read, my emotions changed to a knowing in my heart that "Now
Just wanted to drop a quick note: A new site I created last Wednesday has now been Indexed by Google! YAY. The indexed process seemed to be faster this time around than when I started my niche site. Anyways, I am working on content for this MMO site and hopefully the ranking of my content willl soon follow! Thanks for Reading and Commenting! Have a Wonderful Weekend, ~T.
So my goal today was to:1. Go over more training videos2. Work on embedding a You Tube video on to my site3. Continue to search keywords in order to write more content.Howwever, my plan was thwarted, due to my laptop suddenly stopped working! Well, I had to stop working to take my laptop to get a diagnostic test and repaired. So now, I am currently working between my cell phone and my tablet. This is definitely working my patience, as I am used to typing fast on the laptop and now down to typin
February 18, 2019
YAY, So Excited!!! My content got indexed in Google Today!! Since I haven't posted in a while, let me bring you up to date. Behind the scenes, I have been consistently working on my site. As well as reviewing previous content and making changes for better optimization.I know it is a small step! But one thing I have learned in this life is to never despise small beginnings and be THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for every small step that I take, as those steps leads to a HUGE Strides to get me closer t
I am feeling thankful today because we had record COLD temperatures where I live. If you didn't have to be outside it was advised DON'T GO outside. Being able to write this post from home makes me so thankful to God. I prayed to work for myself and the opportunity was presented here at WA. Although, I haven't left the job just yet, I believe as I put in the work that can soon become my realityWorking On WA SiteI haven't written in a few days due to concentrating on optimizing my website. I am
I recall listening to an old mentor of mind. He would always say entrepreneurs should have stick-to-itiveness. I remember my friends and I would look at each other, snickering thinking is that a word? Then he said, "It is a word, go look it up". Webster Dictionary defines sticktoitiveness as dogged perseverance or TENACITYLife experience will to teach you about Tenacity and not giving up. Every day that you live is another opportunity to be grateful for what you have and to never give up on wh
21-DAY CHALLENGE DAY 4After a busy day of running errands, going out to eat with friends and working on my site. I saw this picture and LOVED it. I thought I would write a short simple note of what comes to mind when I see these three words: KEEP DREAMING- Have you ever had a dream that just won't go away. A Dream that you can't let go of. Please remember: Never give up on that dream!HAVE COURAGE-Do your business even if you are afraid. Step out of your comfort zone!INSPIRE OTHERS- Motivat
Well, I decided to take my writing up the next level by entering the 21 Day Challenge. My word for 2019 has been CONSISTENCY. So this challenge was right on time, since I hadn't posted anything before it began. Here at WAI came to WA wanting to learn as much as I can. When starting something new, there is always a learning curve. So I am determined to work through the learning curve daily. Day 2My post for Day 2 was all complete and I was ready to publish. That's when I hit a little bump in th