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Lately I've been checking my posts on my main website to determine if they've been indexed in Google. I've been concerned about my traffic level (not as high as I'd like). As a result I had to make a few requests via the Googlel Console to get some of my pages indexed and will follow up on those. It's not a bad idea for us to verify what is indexed from time to time particularly those of us who are prolific writers, since forgetting to request indexing can easily happen...take nothing for gra
What is Google Predictive Search (aka Autocomplete)? The short answer is its artificial intelligence in action! It's very convenient but it's certainly more than a convenience to say the least. Google predictive search is designed to 'predict' your search intent which it does even before your finish typing your full request. As your already know it starts almost immediately by suggesting long tail keywords and phrases to fill your request, almost as soon as your fingers hit the keyboard. Tha
August 03, 2019
I write, I write, and my words take flight. I just know I’ll have a great blog, because I'll work on it like a dog.I develop my ideas, they begin to take shape. I know my words will flow, right out of the gate.As I drink my coffee with a little cream, I’ll write about my passion and about my dream. Before I begin, I hear the familiar ring, remember SEO so I can rank on Google and Bing!Well wait, how about Yahoo you might ask, well it’s really all the same task.So I research m
I published an article on my site today regarding sales funnels. What they are, how to use them effectively and so forth. It is a 1600+ word post with some media in the form of pictures and a Youtube video (shared by permission). I tried to use one of ours here at WA and couldn't for the life of me figure out how to do it. 1. Did some pinning on a couple of my Pinterest boards to get the word out 2. Made sure I brought the post over to Google Console to request indexing3. Also for the fi
July 28, 2019
I was having problems with my site’s performance not being up to par and ended up using two plugins that really helped me quite a bit and wanted to share them with you. One is Lazy Load by WP Rocket. Lazy Load by WP Rocket will only display images when they are visible to the user. Since I am using "featured images" on each of my posts, this plugin is an enormous help. The other one I installed is AMP which helps remove unneeded CSS (among other duties accoding to the writeup on it).
Seems lately that I see so may people in the live chat asking questions that the WA training will answer. There is no substitute for getting on board with the training asap and moving through it methodically. Depending what your focus is, either the Affiliate Bootcamp or the Online Entrepreneur Certification track will get you on you way. Asking questions when we're stuck or need reassurance is only natural and necessary but I'll speak for myself, that at times I would find myself running to
Canva is an amazing place to explore for ideas and to utilize particularly for your social media campaigns. This short blog may be more helpful for newbie’s since most experienced bloggers very likely have already found their favorite place to obtain royalty free pictures, artwork, templates and background themes. The reason I use Canva is that it has all the tools I need for my Pinterest activity. What you see above are some lead pages (Pins) on Pinterest. These were designed all for
Be weary of the Free part of Roalty-Free (RF). Here is something I learned this week and wanted to share. The light definitely went on for me regarding this topic!What Does Royalty-Free Mean When It Comes to Photo's?“The "free" in royalty-free does not mean there is no cost for the license, but instead refers to being able to freely use the image without paying additional royalties. A small-business owner, for example, may opt to pay a one-time fee for RF images for his website.”"
We can't read our customer's mind but if you're not trying to join the conversation about customer needs, wants and desires, then you're definitely not in the game. Are you researching Pinterest, Facebook, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn to look at the ‘conversations’ people are having; what are people talking in these forums? I have to admit I’m not doing enough of that. I need to broaden my scope in that area.Coustomer experience means that EVERYTHING that I do on my website is d
A very basic approach...In the past month or so I've been able to begin growing my traffic by utilizing Pinterest. A very informative training video by Kyle helped me understand how Pinterest can be used to bring traffic to my website and to any post I choose. Here is the link to the instructional video. you are not using Pinterest, it just might be a good idea to explore it.Board groups are an accumulation of individual pins