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Hello all...excited to learn, grow and hopefully provide something of value as time goes by. Im in it for the long haul.

My husband and I live in Washington State. We have 3 grown sons and 1 grandson. I love learning and applying new ways of making money. My family and I love to camp, build custom furniture, woodworking projects, remodeling and wood burned artwork.

My goal is to make financial indepence a lifestyle.

Im glad to be here at WA.

Miles of Smiles,
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jatdebeaune Premium
Hi there Tammy. Welcome to WA and success as an iInternet marketer. You'll have lots to learn here. We're buddies. All the best. Joan.
thulsey Premium
Thanks Joan. Glad to be buddies. I know that learning and growing here with WA will be a positive experience on the road to continued success. Miles of Smiles, Tammy
Arnie1725 Premium
Hi Tammy,
Thanks for the post and welcome to you too. Lucky you, living in WA. My wife was born in Seattle and we've visited throughout the state numerous times. Even thought of moving from PA to WA, but all our kids are on the East Coast and your homes just cost to much! Best of luck to you.
mulligan Premium
tried to get your message but could not follow the link. Looking forward to learning and hopefully can retain enough to be of help to others eventually
thulsey Premium
Hello again. It was just a welcome, but to view what I do with the type of message I sent is go to the very top of your screen where its dark blue. Next to "New sucess stories" you'll see "New Messages".
Glam-ma Premium
Hi Tammy, thanks for being my buddy friend, I'm sure as 2 newbies together, we'll have lots to share and experience as time goes on, great to hear from you
Tracy (Glam-ma)
thulsey Premium
Hey Tracy: I'm glad to have great people to learn and grow with. Miles of Smiles, Tammy
thulsey Premium
Hello all... another newbie here, excited to learn, grow and hopefully provide something of value as time goes by.

Im excited to share this with my husband and my 3 grown boys and someday with my grandson too. Im in it for the long haul.

Miles of Smiles,
Tammy Hulsey